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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator RB1958SSW

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Needs a few quirks worked out but still a great refrigerator.


We purchased this refrigerator about 2 months ago. All n all it is a good refrigerator. My likes - very spacious refrigerator, I liked that the freezer pulled out like a drawer and you didn't have to bend down. The temperature is perfect.  if you don't shut the door all they way on the refrigerator or freezer it will make a beeping noise to let  you know it was left open My dislikes - You can't give the door a push and walk away, you have to manually close it all the way or it will beep bc the door is open, the unit show's handprints all the time and I have yet to find a product to make it shine like it was fresh from the box. I don't like that you cannot put milk on one of the shelfs- only in the doors.

Cincinnati, OH


love it love it love it!


I bought this refrigerator about three years ago. It is so very perfect for me. It is just the right size, I love not having to bend down to look in the refridgerator like with top freezer models. I also love how easy the freezer drawers are to pull out and load. I have also in the past hade side by sides which I have been restricted to only being able to fit certain things in the freezer, like pizza boxes and other large items. The freezer is still a little small but I have a sepate freezer in the basement. It is very easy to keep clean with no handles and smooth surface! It keeps the vegetables and fruits longer. The movable shelves make it convenient to store everything. They are also easily removed for cleaning. It keeps track of how cold you want the freezer and the refrigerator portion to be. It also beeps if you accidently leave it open or if it opens on it's own due to not completely being closed which is a nice feature.

New Kensington, PA


Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator RB1958SSW

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