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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Sure Fit Toilet Lock

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Should not be sold as a toilet lock!


My friend's toddler lost her life in the bathroom, ever since this tragedy, I have been vigilant about using safety locks. My son has Autism and is fascinated with water. He does not have a sense for danger. So, naturally I wanted to protect my son from the water in the toilet. I have used Safety 1st products in the past for my daughter and was satisfied. I followed the instructions on how to install the Sure Fit Toilet lock. I did not have an issue installing the device but questioned whether the suction would be durable in the long run? After my first attempt of using the device, it just fell off. I was so upset, my money had gone down the drain. Attempting to fool my son, I placed the device back on the toilet. I instructed my family to take it off and on each time we use the toilet. Unfortunately, my son figured out that he can simply take off the toilet lock. I give this device a big thumb down. Effectiveness If my son can take the lock off on his own, it's not a safety device at all. Ease of Use Poorly designed. Safety Non existent!





After my toddler threw my socks into the toilet, I thought a toilet lock was an excellent idea! She was too curious about the toilet and the water in the toilet for my first-time Mommy nerves! The Safety first toilet lock looked like the excellent solution! But once we got it home we found it would not fit properly on either of our two toilets in our house. We had older fixtures but I am not sure if they were part of the issue or not. The lock might hold for a few times and then it would fall off again, or sometimes we would walk into the bathroom and find it sitting on the toilet lid where it had fallen. Every time that we unlocked the toilet lid, the whole lock would fall off the back of the toilet! Finding my toddler carrying the lock around or banging it against the toilet was the cincher that this was useless to us. The only safety feature we experienced was that the baby was distracted from the toilet by playing with and removing the lock!  

Johnstown, NY




A baby can ds own in 1 inch of water, and they are top-heavy, meaning if they fall in the toilet head-first, they won't have the strength to get themselves out! Buy one of these immediately! At first, I thought this product was an inconvenience, but I feel so much better knowing that my child is safe during those times when I can't watch them for a minute or two. The only thing I didn't like was a difficulty in getting the suction cups to stay stuck! Hopefully the manufacturer will address this issue. Otherwise, I think this is a very practical product.

Minneapolis, MN


Safety 1st Sure Fit Toilet Lock

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