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Rimmel London
Rimmel London SpecialEyes Duo Eyeshadow - All Shades

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Love Rimmel London Eyeshadows!!


I love Rimmel London Eyeshadows. I have been using them since high school when I first discovered that they truly last eight hours crease free.I'm all about putting make-up on once in the morning and then forgetting about it. And Rimmel helps me do just that. Now, these aren't as bright as other eye shadows, they are more of an eye *shadow* and not so much as a bright eye paint, but that is what I like. I probably have a dozen different colors, and I love and wear them all. I would recommend this to everyone I see (and I'm sure I have!). The only bad thing I've encountered is that the plastic compact seems to break fairly easy. I think all mine are broken with in a couple weeks. I just put a piece of masking tape on it to keep it shut and help keep little fingers out.

Centralia, IL


Love it!


I love, love, love makeup, but I cannot always afford to spend a lot of money on the products I deeply desire. Therefore, I try to spend my money on high-quality items that need spending on, like mascara and foundation. One thing I do not spend money on is eye shadow; although more expensive brands are more heavily pigmented, cheap eyeshadows are not all bad. I would not suggest grabbing the nearest Wet 'n Wild eye shadow palette, but you can definitely find something in the drugstore - like Rimmel's shadows! My absolute favorite is a bronze and gold tinted eye shadow - I wear it all the time. It goes on easily, blends nicely, and really shimmers. I would especially recommend it for blue eyes - it makes them pop like crazy! The best part is, thanks to the chic packaging, no one will ever know that you are being frugal-chic because it looks like it costs a decent amount of money! No one will know but you!

Pensacola, FL


Rimmel London SpecialEyes Duo Eyeshadow - All Shades

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