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Quaker - True Delights Blackberry Pomegranate Multigrain Fiber Crisps

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New Quaker True Delights are Truly Delightfull!!


Usually when I'm at work, after looking at a ton of food (this is really bad when you haven't eaten anything). Everything looks so delish. You know what they say "Never go shopping on an empty stomach". Well I'm guilty of that for work, most of the time. I came across a ***New! ***product **Quaker True Delights, Multigrain Fiber Crisps**, I was hungry and ready for a break. Normally I like a smidge of crunch, I tend to put granola in my yogurt for that little bit of crunchy~ness. This caught my eye, as I have tried other flavors of** Quaker Rice Crisps**. Sale, so it was sold to me. I decided on **Blackberry Pomegranate **flavored one, which was an interesting combination of flavors. Being a good source of fiber, 17g whole grain and baked, knew it would have the crunch I was looking for. The package says it serves about 3, so I guess Me, Myself and I were there. Next thing you know it, the bag was "empty". That's just how good ***Quaker True Delights Muligrain Fiber Crisps blackberry pomegranate ***is. Kind of wish I had just one more in the bag. I didn't feel guilty of my pleasure of polishing it off, having nutritional value to it. Here is the Nutritional Facts: Based on 13 pieces  (for the Me, Myself and I). **Calories:** 110     Calories from Fat 15                                    % Daily Value * **Total Fat:** 1.5g                            2%   Saturated Fat: 0g                       0%   Trans Fat: 0g **Cholesterol: ** 0mg                      0% **Sodium:** 135mg                          6% **Total Carbohydrate:** 23g           8%   Dietary Fiber: 3g                      12%   Sugars: 6g **Protein: **2g ________________________________ Vitamin A                                       0% Vitamin C                                       0% Calcium                                          0% Iron                                                2% And now onto the Ingredients: Whole grain oats, sugar, whole wheat flour, whole grain yellow corn, whole grain brown rice, maltodextrin, polydextrose, oligofructose, natural flavor, salt, sunflower oil, soy lecithin, citric acid, natural mixed tocopherols, malic acid, sucralose, acesulfame potassium. **CONTAINS WHEAT AND SOY INDREDIENTS. ** If you are looking for that crunch, just go for a bag of these. I know I will skip the candy bars and get a **True Delight **from Quaker, in the **Multigrain Fiber Crisps! **(Just wish I could pronounce all the ingredients on the package, only a few I can't). It is a better alternative compared to other snacks.****

Somewhere in Time, MI


Tasty healthy alternative to fried potato chips!


My sister alerted me to a great sale on these at our local grocery store.  I was apprehensive to stock up since I hadn't tasted them but went with the fantastic price temptation and bought six bags of these.  I am so thankful I did.  I love them, my husband loves them, and my two VERY picky kiddos love them (One year and three years old).  Being a Weight Watcher's points counter, I figured out I could eat the whole bag for about six points.  That's comparable to a bag of low fat popcorn but so much better tasting!  Each Quaker Delight crisp is coated with a flavorful, not-too-sweet kind of a thin glaze which adds to it's appeal as a sweet-tooth craving-satisfier!   You can see the oats on the crisp, and each on comes with a great crunch you miss with normal rice-cake like snacks.  The only drawback is that these do run a little pricey if you don't get them on sale or with a coupon, fortunately, since they are a newer product with a recent packaging 'make-over' coupons and sales are likely to be frequent. 

Kingston, WA


Quaker Blackberry Pomegranate Fiber Crisps are Delicious!!


I decided to try the multigrain fiber crisps and was really surprised at how light and crisp these were. I had a feeling that these would taste like cardboard, like some do, but I was pleasantry wrong. I tried these Blackberry Pomegranate crisps and they are really yummy and filling. You can have 13 crisps at 110 calories.

Poulsbo, WA


Quaker - True Delights Blackberry Pomegranate Multigrain Fiber Crisps

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