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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Superfruit Lip Gloss

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Pysicians Formula Superfruit Lip Gloss is fruit fabulous!


I bought this because it was organic. I tried it on and it looked awesome. The perfect amount of color to look fresh and natural. I liked the light fruit smell and taste. It didn't leave me with a bad aftertaste like may glosses do. I loved the way it was so long lasting. It stayed on most of the day and I only had to touch it up a time or two before the evening was over. I have a four year old granddaughter who likes to "sample" my lipgloss. I am relieved that this is healthy and organic for that reason too. I have tried two separate colors and love them both. I will stay with this product.

Novinger, MO


100% Natural


Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Superfruit Lip Gloss is a great gloss by itself or just for adding extra sheen to your other lip cosmetics.  The best part about it is that its ingredients are 100% natural origin, so no weird chemicals on your lips and potentially in your mouth!  Application is easy although I usually use a lip brush or sponge to apply mine instead of the tube.  The color is great and translucent so you can wear it by itself for a subtle gloss or on top of a brighter color to make it pop!  It has a pleasant thick feel without being too goopy, but enough to give it substance.  It doesn't come off easily onto drinking glasses and such.  It has a fun fruity scent that I think most people would like.  It also has a light fruit taste without that sweetness that can sometimes make you queasy that you find in other flavored glosses.  I am really loving the Physician's Formula brand and especially their Organic Wear line that includes this lip gloss.  Brilliant product without all the harmful chemicals!

Keokuk, IA


Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Superfruit Lip Gloss

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