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Mizani Scalp Care Shampoo

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WOW! Mizani Scalp Care works WONDERS!!!


I went to a local 'budget' salon for a shampoo and style.  What I got was much more. As the shampoo graced my scalp and began to lather I was greeted with a euphoria scent.  I asked the stylist, " What's the name of this product?"  She exoticly replied, "Mizani.  It's great for most types of hair.  Ethnic, trouble scalp, dry, dull, etc.  Doesn't it smell wonderful?"  Indeed it did!  For some time I suffered with a dry, itchy, patchy, and irritated scalp.  After the stylist informed me of Mizanis' scalp care shampoo, I knew I had to get some!  Though I was a little surpised when the little bottle (8.5oz) rang up to be 17.99+tax, it was worth it for the great results.  I now wash my hair with the Mizani scalp care shampoo 2 times per week.  I also have since bought the conditioner too!  Mizani offers a great line of products from the shampoo - pomade. The best part was that after using the Scalp care shampoo and conditioner for only ONE week, my dandruff, itchy patches, and dry scalp were no longer a problem! I would, and DO, recommend this product to anyone who wants a great healthy scalp, managable hair, and a euphoric smell experience!!!

Cleveland, OH


Mizani Scalp Care Shampoo

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