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Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion

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Maybelline eyeshadow quad


I love my Maybelline Expertwear eyeshadow quad in mocha motion! I like how it comes with 4 different shades that are labeled and tell you exactly where to apply that shade. There's one for liner, crease, lid, and the brow. It's very easy to apply and the colors complement each other very well and flow and define each part of the eye so well! I've never used an eyeshadow as great as this before! I don't use the brush that came with it because I don't like my colors to get mixed up by using the same brush in all 4 shades. I use this with 4 different Elf brand eyeshadow brushes made specifically for each area (eyeliner, blending etc.). I love how well the colors go together and the colors look great on my light brown eyes. I would also recommend using an eyeshadow primer with this eyeshadow or it may end up in your creases by the end of the day but most of you makeup users will already know this!



Maybelline Expertwear Velvet Crush Quad is great for brown eyes.


As the title suggests, I am reviewing Maybelline Expertwear eye shadow Quad in the #20 "*Velvet Crush*" color combo, although parts of my review should apply to all colors. Despite trying all sorts of different color combinations, from trios and quads like this product to singles in both drug store brands and department/specialty store brands, I always seem to come back to this particular product. I hope they don't discontinue it anytime soon! I have *light* brown eyes that I'm told sometimes border on gold and these colors really make my eyes pop without being too obvious. So my eyes get that subtle enhancement without screaming "Look at the cool purple eye shadow I'm wearing!" The colors are a medium charcoal, a purple-ish gray, a light silvery gray, and a very light pink-y purple that approaches being white. The Expertwear quads all feature very handy instructions for how to apply each color, for those of us who aren't complete experts in shadow application. Each separate color is marked "lid," "crease," "brow bone" and "outer corner" to help you figure out which colors go where. Of course, you can futz with that a bit. Personally I only use three colors plus a dark purple liquid liner. Just remember to use the lightest shade to highlight (brow bone) and the darkest shade for liner and/crease.  While I do agree that the colors don't crease much, if at all, I wouldn't say they wear all that long. I'd say they last about half the day, but I have oily skin (which, alas, includes my eyelids) so it may last longer for other people.  My other biggest, but fairly minor, complaint would be the fact that of course the colors wear at a different rate. So I'm completely out of the highlight color but have tons of the liner/crease color left. This is to be expected to a certain degree, but they don't list the names of the individual colors anywhere so I can't replace just the highlight color. I have to replace the whole quad. But it's a small quibble. Eye makeup should be thrown out after about 6 months anyway. One final note. I read another reviewer complaining about the inadequacy of the included brushes. Pretty much all applicators - especially the spongy ones - included with eye shadow are useless. They'll do in a pinch, but really you should get some real makeup brushes! Application is smoother, more blend-able and more precise.

Ocala, FL


Mocha Motion is one of maybelline's best


This review is for Eye Shadow - Maybelline - ExpertWear Eyeshadow Quad in Chai Latte which is now discontinued but the colors are very similar to the mocha motion. This is a fantastic quad. I always take this quad when traveling because it has everything i need for a neutral eye. These shadows are suprisingly high quality. The texture is creamier than most mid-level cosmetics (though the light one is more 'drugstore' than high-end). The staying power is good, the price is excellent as is the color payoff.  This quad is my #1 fall back item of ALL beauty items. This is my go - to every day eyeshadow quad!  The colours blend well together, are not chalky, and with an eyeshadow base will last for hours.  lid - matte medium taupe - this colour is perfect for a wash of color to liven up my lid space. crease - metallic warm copper - this colour adds such an interesting contrast to an otherwise fairly matte quad. I love to use this shade in the middle of my lid to add some shine. brow bone - sheer shimmery cream - my least favourite color because it really doesn't show up very well. outer corner - matte dark brown - my favourite color from this quad. it is very pigmented. can be used as a liner. They show up really pigmented and it's really neutral at the same time.

San Francisco, CA


Maybelline expertwear eyeshadow was disappointing


I don't buy new eyeshadow very often, so when I do, I want to get something that will last. I went with Maybelline because it had many coordinating colors and was a good reliable brand. However, i was very disappointed with this product. While the colors seemed to look very nice together and the colors were bold enough, they seemed to constantly flake off of my eyes all day and since I wear glasses, I would always have this powdery layer on the inside of them when I wore this eyeshadow. Very annoying. I also did not like how easily it came apart in the case. I haven't even dropped it at all but the little squares have already broken, spilled out on my carpet and stained it. The brushes they gave don't work very well, and one of them has broken already too.  I would not recommend this product and it has been very disappointing for me. I would have thought this would be a good brand, but it seems like a very low quality makeup.

Lexington, MO


Maybelline Expertwear-no bells & whistles just gr8 lids!


I am an admitted make up freak! I love all sorts, and I try all price points.  I have lots of favorites, but **Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion **is still one that I come back to time and time again. In fact, I had to buy a second dose (refill) because I used this all up.  First, its great for a beginner make up user, gives you the direction right on the shadow on what shade goes where on your face! COOL!  But mostly I love this because** **Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion ****is easy to work with. Goes on nice, stays on long and comes off easy when you want it too. Its easy to shade with and ******Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion ******also works great with a wet applicator - for that smokey look! Just a drop of water will deepen the shade and allow you to "smudge" up your shadow a bit more while keeping the shadow from flaking too much. So yes for sure, I'd highly recommend ****Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion ****for women from novice to expert!  I spend tons of money on try new make all year long - and ****Ma**ybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion****** is one of the few items that I've actually came back for more - I love it that much, it gets an A+ from me!

Livonia, MI


Natural and Shiny


I** bought Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eye Shadow Mocha Motion .64 oz last year, before a trip i did. I was looking for an Eye Shadow palette that i could use during the daytime and also night time! They were absolutely perfect! The bright colours are really shiny, that doesnt make it complicated for the daytime make up because it looks really pretty in sunny days! And it looks amazing during the nights! ** **Also the dark brown colour is not really strong, you have to apply more product in order to make it visible! But i liked that, because i am not a huge fan of smoky eyes, i always try to keep my natural look ! ** **The colours go really well together, and i love how they go with my pale skin tone! The packaging includes an applying instructions on the back! And i thoght that was really helpful, for those who are not experts in make up! ** **The price is not expensive and the quality is great, i would totally recommend these product to a friend! **

Beverly Hills, CA


Maybelline Expertwear Quad Eyeshadow Mocha Motion

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