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Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook PC

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Thinkpad X60 :Quality piece of engineering, features, and detail


The Thinkpad X60 Tablet is my latest laptop purchase, and will probably be the latest for still a good while longer. I have owned Toshiba Porteges and Dell Latitudes in the past. This Thinkpad surpasses them all. True to what Thinkpads are known for, this laptop is very solidly built, made with quality parts. Firstly, the screen has a resolution of 1600 x 1440, over 12 inches of regular aspect (4:3) dimensions. It is the most finely grained screen I've ever seen, and may be the most fine resolution I ever see, seeing how the trend nowadays seems to be going towards widescreen monitors, with less pixels than my 17" monitor, which I got in 2005. The keyboard is the best out of any laptop I have ever used. The software available is the most useful out of any I have used. I have actually used the backup utility it comes with multiple times to swap out the hard drive. Overall, I am very happy with this laptop, except for two small problems. Firstly, the battery life is only about 3.5 hours, which is not great by today's standards. Being an ultraportable, it should last at least 5, especially since this battery life is what the extended battery gives me. Next, for an ultraportable, it is rather heavy, at 4.5 pounds. But the style is definitely distinctive, being very business-like, which I like. This is a very solid machine.

Plano, TX


The little Energizer Bunny that keep on going


This was my first portable laptop and frankly moving from a 8lb beast to this 3-4lb treasure was a godsend.  I took this along with me to all my classes and combine with other books, this was very managable.  First of, we all know IBM Thinkpad are not known for their flashy good looks.  However, I received plenty of compliments for its size and portablity which again I must stressed is priceless.  The model I received came with a lower end core 2 duo so it was not very fast by today standard.  Vista was again a memory hog and the first thing I recommend is to do a clean system installation of XP on it.  I throw in another 2gb of memory and it run buttery smooth.  The one major complain I have with this model is the heat.  This thing get very hot, compared to today's i5 and i7, this thing could probably cause some serious skin burn if not careful.  That lead to the battery life, which is both good and bad. Battery life originally lasted over 8hrs. However, mine came with a recalled battery and it ended up giving plenty of faulty readings and just die much faster than anticipated.  This laptop is also very picky with OEM Battery so that is another thing you must be careful of when buying replacement battery.

Houston, TX


Absolutely Amazing


My lenovo is simply amazing it never has problems or freezes. I have had it now for 3 years and it is still running just as strong as when i bought it. The operating system is fine and has very good speed. I wouldnt trade this for any other computer that is equal to this age. It is up to date and is even a touch screen. There are plenty of options and settings so you can always change your prefernces and spice it up a little so that you never get bored looking at the same thing. Te tablet option is awesome and is great when you just want to click something. The screen is very responsive and fast in its operational duties. There is a finger scanner which allows me to lock my computer with only my computer and only i can use it because my fingerprints are the only ones that match the syetems. It is amzing thing. It is well above its technology for the year it was built. I would definitely buy it again if i was to go back in time.

Port Orange, FL


Greattttttttt Laptop, Worth buying it.....whole new experience


This is a truly great laptop. Its pen is so easy to use. Its screen is awesome. One of the best screens I have ever seen. If you open a file it just looks like you have opened a page of book. Its so clear. And its features are amazing. Taking class notes, making picture, slides, graphs, you can do it as you do on paper. When selecting something is so easy with the smooth pen. Best part is 3 years full warranty. And their customer support is really great. Only one cons is no cd/dvd drive. So I bought one external cd/dvd drive. Rest is fine. Very lightweight. Very easy to carry with me. Not bulky. Need only one hand to carry it with me. It has a long battery life (4-6 hrs). I will highly recommend this laptop to anyone. One more thing is that it doesn't have any mousepad but only small trackpoint, but after sometime you become habbituated to that although not very comfertable and you have always a better option of its pen. I love my tablet.

Clemson, SC




Although this tablet has a appealing design and add-ons such as finger-print scanner, this tablet is so slow that it takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes to boot up completely and that is out of the box without installing any third party softwares.We bought 2 for the business and no one want to use it during presentations.

Clovis, CA


Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook PC

4.4 5