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Lenovo Commercial Systems Lenovo ThinkPad T400s : .4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 14.1in display PC Notebook

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This is a excellent durable product


This is a excellent durable product that has lasted 2 years and still kicking strong even after many drops, slams and travels across the USA. The only recommendation I have is to add a SDD hard drive. It changed the whole computer, everything is instant now.



Perfect design of Lenovo


I think T400s is the best modem of Lenovo thinkpad - That is, more portable than T400, and suitable display size, weight, and good touch feel. T400s is much more lighter than T400, and the cooling system of CPU is even better. I can hardly heard any noises from cpu fan, and feel no heat when typing with the keyboard. I have used many classic models before, for example T23, T42, T61, T400. The 14 inches size is good for business, and the images are neither too big nor too small when showed to others. However, they are still a little heavy for travel. When I get a T400s, I think that's the one I need. It's also much more slim than T400, and can be put into a small case when travelling. The T400s I own has also multitouch screen, which can be used for fantastic powerpoint or image shows. By the way, windows 7 with T400s is much better than vista. Overall, the model T400s is perfect, and zero weak points.

Salt Lake City, UT


Has held up thus far


The Lenovo T400 laptop is clearly built to last. While it may not be as top-notch as the old IBM iterations of the thinkpad, the Lenovo brand does a good enough job to still be best in the market. Personally, I have dropped the t400, thrown it in my bag, and generally abused it. So far, so good. The screen came with the option for matte, which I jumped at. The keyboard is nice, and I enjoy using the little red mouse pointer. Overall, the unit is quiet and fairly lightweight. A couple things that have annoyed me: First, the laptop is very plasticky. I'm not just a big fan of plastic, so I cannot say that I love all the black plastic everywhere. Second, the power cord which plugs into the back of the laptop is extremely fragile. By nature, it bends. Though, when it bends, it stresses the cable housing and causes the inner power wires to become exposed. Over time, the power cord stops working. However, these are minor qualms.

Edmond, OK


Lenovo Commercial Systems Lenovo ThinkPad T400s : .4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 14.1in display PC Notebook

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