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LG 28 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator LMX28988ST


This is an extra-large powerhouse of a refrigerator With nearly 28 cubic feet of space double freezer drawers and ultra-accommodating 126-inch tall ice- and water-dispenser This is a refrigerator built with innovative features like

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The ice maker and the water come out at two different spots and people are constantly making a mess on the floor. The French doors should be able to open either one, but a piece broken very soon after getting this and then we had to open both doors and shut the one on the left first. Then something else must have broken because now when you shut the left door the piece doesn't fit right and we have to manually push the piece into place. It is so annoying. It's not quite even two years old yet. Also within a month or two of having it the ice maker started to not work. We have to open the back panel and shake it to get the ice to go down. I also struggle with shutting the drawers sometimes. I feel like this is a poor design. NOW, all the good stuff: I love the refrigerator! There is so much room and the drawers are excellent. I love that the ice maker is in the door and therefore there is a lot of room on the shelves. Refrigerator area is wonderfully designed. The stainless steal is also beautiful. So, I don't know which outweighs the other. I do hate the doors but love the inside. I think I would overall recommend this just don't be surprised if he doors break. Design Satisfactory because the inside of the fridge area is very good but the doors have huge issues.



LG 28 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator LMX28988ST

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