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Kurlash Eyelash Comb

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Kurlash Eyelash Comb---a not-so-secret weapon!


I HATE clumpy eyelashes---I hate it when I first apply my mascara and it clumps; I hate it when my mascara dries and it clumps---I HATE clumpy eyelashes! I've tried different brands of mascara: expensive to inexpensive. I've tried different formulas of mascara: regular to waterproof, lenghthening to thickening. I've finally figured out that it's the necessity of having a comb that works: you simply use the Kurlash Eyelash Comb to comb through your mascara-ed {sp?} eyelashes and VOILA---NO MORE CLUMPS! The Kurlash Eyelash Comb is the best because 1. it folds neatly, which other brands do not, 2. it is made of stainless steel, and 3. it is made in England---cool factor! Because this one folds compactly, you can also stash this in your cosmetic case for when you re-apply your mascara for the evening out---and you waste little-to-no time on your mascara as---yes---NO MORE CLUMPS! so you feel and look your best. Enjoy.

Honolulu, HI


Kurlash Eyelash Comb

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