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Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 71403

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Size price for the size


This model was in my rental house that I lived in for a little over a year. In that year I never had a problem with it. It had a good amount of space on the top for multiple pans and everything seemed to cook evenly. I absolutely hate when the pan jiggles when I cook and this stove did not do that. The only problem that I found with it was that it was difficult to clean and keep clean. I have not come across a stove yet that is pretty easy to keep clean. The oven temperature is very consistent. If anyone bakes they know that it is a pain when the oven temperature is off. I never had any problems with a incorrect temperature reading.

Indianapolis, IN


Works great


I have had this oven for several years and have been very happy with it. I don't cook a ton in my oven but I have used both the convection as well as regular oven with success. I thought it might be benificial to spell out a few negatives. The stove top is in black and I do find it hard to keep clean becuase any small spot on it is noticable. Even when a pot boils over it creates a mess that just doesn't wipe away. You really do need to scrub it and saty on top of it for it to look nice. Another negative is the top of the burners which seem to get dirty with probably grease but I can't seem to fiund anything to really clean all the spots. I have tried Brillo and such but still some dark dirty spots are present and it really annoys me. Another issue I had was setting the temperature and even following the directions I still had an issue. I ultimately bought an oven themometer and that helped me resolve the issue by setting it to the appropiate temperature. Lastly, I noticed that the middle griddle burner doesn't burn evenly so cooking pancakes can be challenging --- the outer ones cook slower then the middle ones. However, this is an easy range and oven to use and it does a very good job. I have been happy with it and it's cleaning mood. I have never used the warmer tray...not sure why but just don't find it necessary. Ease of Cleaning I rated it poor because of the issues I have had cleaning the range top.Plus being black it always looks dirty.



Kenmore gas range gets the job done...


I love to cook, and I cook quite frequently. I love the gas features that are on this range, but I do not like that there is very little control between high heat and lower heat. It could also be my cookware, but in general I think its my range. The oven works quite well also, however it gets hotter in the back left corner than the rest of the oven, so I sometimes have to remember to rotate my food in the oven. When we bought the house that we currently live in this oven and range came with it, and they get the job done, but have very few bells and whistles that come with some of the other ovens and ranges on the market at compareable prices. I would recommend it if it was on sale, but thats about it.

Baytown, TX


Dependable range


We purchased our Kenmore range a few years ago after the range that came with the house stopped heating properly. The Kenmore gas range had all of the features I was looking for at a reasonable price. The most important feature, and the one I love the most, is the delay start for the oven. I love being able to put a casserole or roast in the oven in the morning, set the start time, cook time and cook temperature and have a hot dinner ready for the table when I get home from work. My biggest complaint with this range is that it is kind of a pain to keep the top and burners clean. I do not like taking all the pieces off of the stove top to give them and the top a good scrubbing every time something boils over, splatters or gets spilled. Overall a good appliance.

Pittsburgh, PA


easy to use .


Over all I like my stove.Settings are easy to understand.The oven is easy to keep clean,but the top is not . It has a self cleanig oven.I do how ever wish the bunner knob where on the top with the other settings,as It is to easy for little fingers to reach.

Fort Dodge, IA


Kenmore Freestanding Gas Range 71403

4.0 5