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Kenmore Electric Range

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An "OK" convection oven


I have used this Kenmore smooth top convection oven for the past year. This is my 3rd convection oven and it is my least favorite by far. The other convection ovens were by Whirlpool and they were great. My biggest complaint with the Kenmore is it takes FOREVER to preheat. It always takes at least 10 minutes to get to 350 degrees and usually about 15 minutes to get to 425 degrees or higher. It feels like it takes a lot more advance planning to cook with it than other stoves do. On a minor note, the seal on the glass panel was not super tight and somehow something got spilled on it and now shows on the glass door and I can't clean it off. Irritating! I would not buy this oven again after experiencing Whirlpool's superior convection ovens.

Sedalia, MO


Great basic electric range, good for busy families


This is a good range for the cook who likes to entertain, but does not need professional grade equipment. In an age in which home cooks are all purchasing top-of-the-line equipment, we decided to buck the trend and bought this great not-too-many-frills electric range. Bonuses include simmer select to keep things simmering without constant observation, and the warming drawer, to keep baked goods or plates warm when guests arrived. Easy clean cooktop makes this a great investment for a busy family that cooks often. Temperature Control Preheats to the right temp, keeps temps constant. Never had a problem when I follow the recipe and let the oven pre-heat. Heat Distribution No problems. Durability Ours is four years old and going strong. Here's to many more years! Design Design blends well with other appliances. Ease of Cleaning No more drip pans to clean (thank the Lord!)

Greensburg, PA


Cooks good but wouldn't buy it again with same handle.


Cooks good but wouldn't buy it; because of the handle wont stay on and company wont replace it again. Temperature Control Cooks good. Heat Distribution Heat Good. Durability Had 4 or 5 years. It cook real good and bakes great when you can keep the handle on. I hand handle repaced and it still fall off; even if touch it. This shouldn't happen for the price of product and company said there is nothing they can do about it. It is no fun to bake stuff if door handle falls off. Not made good for price. Design Like cooking part. Ease of Cleaning Easy to Clean case don't bake much in it because of handle.

Fries, VA


Kenmore Electric Range

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