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Ionic Pro
Ionic Pro CAC1 Air Purifier

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Doesn't Work Well


I own an Ionic Pro for my home so when I saw they had a model for the car I decided to give it a try. It was such a giant waste of money! This plugs right into your cigarette lighter or auxiliary power outlet in your car so it's super convenient. There are no cords to deal with. It just plugs in and swivels to various positions to allow it to be as out of the way as possible. I really liked that this has no filters to replace. I really had no desire to remember to replace the filter in my car air purifier. So, that was nice. This does not actually remove physical pollutants such as dust and pollen from the air. It also does not seem to remove odors from the air either. Since this runs only when the car is powered on it does not drain the battery, but it also does not clean the other 23 or so hours a day that the car is not in use. Overall, this was not particularly useful or helpful and did not really do anything to keep the air in my car fresher. I really cannot recommend this.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Ionic Pro CAC1 Air Purifier

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