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There isn't enough incentive...


I have never really been big on personalized products until I experienced a major death in the family. I found IdentityDirect.com while attempting to purchase memorial keepsake items. The best and lowest cost items that I could find were coffee mugs. At first I thought this was a great idea but after designing the mugs with website uploader, I was quite surprised. Wen you upload the picture they don't show you an end of upload preview which of course, made me very unhappy. I was worried about the outcome and decided to purchase only one mug so I could get an idea of the quality of the work prior to investing so much money into buying multiples. That probably was the best decision I made throughout this entire process. The mug took slightly longer than I expected to arrive but I began this process quite a bit ahead of time in order to allow myself some flexibility. I was not impressed with the pictures clarity and wish I would have been able to see a preview of it prior to purchase. I also later found out I would not get a discount for a large order placed. At that point I decided it would be best to seek out other companies. I am glad that I did. I was able to find a wider selection and better price elsewhere. Ease of Use I wasn't able to see preview images of pictures I uploaded. Product Selection Decent but not extensive. Product Pricing Over priced without bulk incentives. Customer Service Despite all the rest of the issues, they actually have nailed good customer service response. Shipping and Returns Helpful.



Your Child's the Star of these Books


My four-year-old niece is passionate about the Disney Princesses series of books, DVDs, nightgowns, and dolls.   For a gift, I thought it would be a nice idea to buy her a personalized Princess tote bag and tuck a Princess book inside.  I found the tote bag quite easily online.  The next step was to find a colorful book to accompany it. One day, I was sifting through some junk mail when I came across a small flyer advertising personalized products and gifts at **identitydirect.com**.  I noticed that the product list included well-known Disney titles such as *Winnie-the-Pooh, Nemo*, and *The Lion King*.  I decided to visit their website and see if they also offered a book with a *Disney Princess*.  In addition to books, **Identity Direct** manufactures personalized clocks, labels, stationery, ornaments, and other gift products.  Headquartered in Australia, the products are marketed in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In looking over the website, my attention turned to the "My Adventure Books" Series.  My Adventure Books are customized, professionally bound storybooks.  In each of the books, the child's name, birthday, address and up to three friends' names are sprinkled through the story so that the child feels that she (or he) is a featured character. Identity Direct is distinctive from similar personalized retailers because they do feature the licensed characters, while most other booksellers carry more generic book titles like *Nursery Rhyme*, *Birthday*, and *My Special Christmas* . The Disney Princesses book I purchased ran about 30 pages, cost $16.95 and size-wise, fit into a standard 10"x13" envelope. In addition, the book is softcover, although it's hard to tell that by looking at the website photo.  The other downside is that you can't view any of the inside pages so you really have no way of knowing ahead of time what the story is about. The ordering process was simple: select the book and fill out the form.  You are asked to input the child's first & last name, gender, birth date, address, the names/genders of three friends (we used siblings and cousins), and the name of the person who is giving the gift.  Pretty easy. In general, the processing timeframe is longer than average because the personalization procedure takes time.  Identity Direct advertises a two- to four-week wait for your order. Unfortunately for me, a month went by and my book hadn't arrived.  After a considerable amount of frustration with the customer service representative, I finally took matters into my own hands and found the email address of the company's president (in Australia, no less!) He responded to my concerns within hours and promised that my book would be fast-tracked and shipped via international courier within a few days so that I would receive it in time for Christmas. The outcome was a happy one; my niece loved her gift and it wasn't late getting to her.  The book was colorfully illustrated and actually contained more than one Princess story.  In addition, all of the personalized information was correct. My only caveat is to remember to order very early.  The books are printed in Australia and shipped to the states.  If you should have a problem with an order you will be glad that you started your gift shopping early.

Chicagoland, IL


Your child can hang with Spiderman, or cruise with Cars.


In my coupon section I found an ad for personalized books for children.  For 9.99 , plus 2.99 shipping you can get a 30 page color, personalized book for your small loved one. I thought my neice and nephew would love this, so I ordered 2 books. One for my nephew Matthew, and one for my neice Arian, Spiderman and Disney Princess Collection 2. I ordered them on November 15 th, give or take days for mail travel, my order arrived on December 9th, the ad say's 14 days for delivery, so make sure if you order to allow extra time at the holidays. You add your childs name, and 3 extra names, such as sisters or brothers, to add to the story. You can also add the childs birthdate, and town they live in. The story is personalized to the child, so my nephew Matthew can go on an adventure with Spiderman, and my neice can be the princess she is with the Disney princesses, and its all about them. I am so happy with these books, they are of great quality, awesome color pages, and great, exciting stories for kids. There is a place in front of the book where it says who the book is too, and who its from, and I like that, its a book I hope they keep for a very long time, and they will always know who it was from. identitydirect.com They have a selection of personalized items for children.

In the sun, FL



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