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Hunter Permalife Air Purifier

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Great Air Purifyer!


Love the settings on this machine. It has a day setting, so you could hear it, then a night setting, so it's quite. I've been leaving it here, so that I don't have to listen to it. Always works, no matter what happens to it. It also looks nice, so it fits in with almost any decor. Ease of Maintenance It's fairly easy to take care of. Pop out the filter, pop a new one in. I have also been cleaning mine off& reusing it. Seems to still be working just fine that way, also. Dust/Allergen Removal I had allergy symptoms for about a month after we first got it. Guess it was clearing out the air. I've had next to no symptoms every since! Filter Availability Not quite certain where to find the filters at. Durability The cats knocked it off the table a couple of times when I put it up to clean the carpet. It still works great, & never seemed to be broken. Effectiveness Have had clear air since we first started using it. Design Small enough to fit just about anywhere. Love the quiet mode. I can't hear it unless I listen for it.



This Hunter Air Purifier could be better!


I bought one of this air purifiers last year for my house. I had to return two models back to the store because they didn't work or stopped working within a few days of bringing them home. I am not sure it if was a faulty batch or what. The third one I brought home has worked great for the year since I bought it. Other than the quality issues I had, I like this this purifier. It isn't super quiet but quiet enough. I have certainly noticied a difference in the air in my home when I use it. Other purifiers I have used haven't shown the results that this purifier has shown. If you are looking for a nice purifier for a room, this is a good unit. It is fair priced and won't drain your pockets. You will get what you pay for but be on the lookout for faulty batches.

Iliff, CO




I have read the info on the poor quality of air in our homes and the importance of using an air purifier.  I researched  and watched many an airing of the Hunter products.  I ordered online through HSN.  I had a 20% off coupon and the product had free shipping and handling. The time was right to purchase.  My hubby claims I snore like a freight train.  My reply is I will believe it when i hear it.  When the Hunter PermaLife Tower Air Purifier 30756 arrived I immediately made room for it in our bedroom.  The tower is an attractive copper color, ionizer, 3 settings: sleep, normal and turbo, filters that can be cleaned by vaccuming them and a remote that included batteries. That evening I had the best nights sleep.  In the morning my hubby said, Wow you did not snore!  I was amazed.  Every morning thereafter I ask Did I snore?  The response to this day has been, No you did not snore.  I was a testimony to the positive results that are brought on by this powerful air purifier.  Several months later I had a coupon and purchased another Hunter PermaLife Tower Air Purifier 30756.  They are easy to maintain and though you hear them running you adjust to them. I keep my air purifiers on at all times and the amount of dust collected on the filters is unbelievable.  We have two cats, a dog and a parrot. I highly recommend this product. Be kind to your lungs and invest in a Hunter! Ease of Maintenance the unit has an indicator when the filter should be cleaned. just remove the front vent and vacuum the filter. easy to clean. Effectiveness I have 4 pets and this air purifier work wonders in keeping the dander to a minimum. Design The unit is a tall tower but very stylish. I have one in the living room and bedroom and they coordinated beautifully with my decor.

Saint Anne, IL


Good Hunter Permalife Tower Air Purifier


I bought the Hunter Permalife Tower Air Purifier for my bedroom and was very pleased with this one. I liked the style and that it had a hepa filter to keep down on the dust. Since I have issues with dust mites and sneeze when I get around dust, I was glad for the filter. It kept the dust down in my room and allowed me to sleep better. It made my room smell fresh and I noticed I didn't have to dust nearly as much as I had when I didn't have the air purifier. I also liked the price on this model, because it was less expensive than other models that do the same job. This unit is a little noisy, but I like sleeping with a fan going so it drowns out sounds from those who are still up when I am asleep, so this did not bother me.

Eubank, KY


My Hunter Permalife Tower Air Purifier 30748 is not exactly what


My Hunter Permalife Tower Air Purifier 30748 Is not exactly what I thought. According to the box I would never have to replace the filter. When I got it home I discovered it had 2 filters. One I would have to replace, the other I would not.  I guess Ionic Breeze was the one I really wanted.

Lincoln, AR


Great air cleaner


I got the Hunter permalife a little over a year ago, and it works great, I am amazed at all the dust that it gets inside the filter, I cant belive that I breath in all that nasty stuff.We heat with a wood burner stove so in the winter time it is really dusty in our home so the hunter permalife is a life saver,It also has the Ionzer botton which is a breath of fresh air for it.It has a auto,filter reset, and day and time botton on it.So that is great, also it has three setting low, med, high, also another great thing to have.my is a gay color very nice looking for any home.I gave around 200.00 for mine which to me is a great buy.The only drew back for me would be that it is a little loud,I wish is was more quite but all and all I would buy the hunter permalife again, and would tell anyone to get one you will be glad that you did.Thank you Hunter.

Jackson, KY


Hunter Permalife Air Purifier

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