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Homekist - Original Saltines

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I will be telling everyone I know not to buy these crackers


For the past several years I have been using this brand of crackers due to price. I always chose the boxes from the back so the exp dates are at least 6 mo in the future. Out of the past several years and at least 2 boxes a month we have had to throw about 98% away due to the stales eas of EVERY PKG IN THE UNIPENED BOX!! I will not be buying this brand of crackers again because it has been a complete waste if money. We have in the past few years only gotten lucky with about 6 boxes of the advertised on the box "stay fresh packs" are so stale and soggy the cheese we use has more firmness and texture. The non-stale boxes though we have gotten "lucky" with just a few are not bad tasting, but being on a very tight grocery budget with a family of 6, having to throw away $5-$10 of boxes of crackers a month is NOT saving us money at all!! I will NO LONGER be purchasing these falsely advertised "4 stay fresh packs" any longer. I will be spending a little but more to actually get my family's money's worth. Signed-ONE VERY DIS-SATISFIED FAMILY OF CONSUMERS!! I will also be telling everyone I know NOT to waste their money on these crackers that are never "fresh" as advertised on the box!! It's no wonder there is no email address or contact info ANYWHERE on the box. I am suprised they are still selling this product as I know I am NOT the only unsatisfied customer in the area! SO VERY DISAPPOINTING!!

Pierce Nebraska


Not too shabby.


Let's get this straight up front: these are not really as good-tasting as Nabisco. I recently tasted them side by side and it's like Brie versus Velveeta. But sometimes Velveeta really hits the spot. The Homekist crackers are undeniably cheaper than the Nabisco. They have also got ten calories less in a 5 cracker serving than the Nabisco (you did not think the Nabisco tasted better without calories involved did you?) If you are snacking on crackers that ten calorie difference can add up. It's also got ten less grams of sodium and 1 less gram of carbs per serving. For that tally, the Homekist are plenty good enough to substitute for the Nabisco and have a place in my pantry.

Tampa, FL


Homekist - Original Saltines

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