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Hill's Prescription Diet
Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline Renal Health Dry Cat Food

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HIll's Prescription diet K/D feline is a good food for sick cats


About three years ago I adopted the sweetest one year old cat that was immediately diagnosed with deformed kidneys. Once he underwent the standard testing...plus some specialty testing because he was so young the veterinarian put him on special kidney food. The first brand apparently did not taste so good because he would only pick at his food. I switched him to Hill's Prescription Diet K/D and he started eating more which was important because he was a very tiny cat. Between the K/D food and the medication the veterinarian had him we were able to get his kidney values in the normal range for nearly a year and a half. Unfortunately diet and medication couldn't cure him, but thanks to Hill's he was able to enjoy life for a little longer. I also had an older cat that was on it for a couple of years due to traditional kideny failure - he was 15 years old when he went on it. Both cats seemed to like the taste.

Glen Burnie, MD


Incredibly healthy results for cats with failing kidneys!


My vet recommended Hills Prescription Diet K/D Feline when my 13 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. Before that I have to admit that I fed my cats a fairly average brand of food and boy did I learn my lesson.  I learned that feeding your cat a good brand of food can really make a difference.  I have been laid off a year now and I do not have any extra cash so it was hard to pay for expensive pet food but within a week of feeding my two cats this brand I saw major differences. Both of my cats were long haired cats so they would get matted if you didnt groom them often, but after feeding them the Hills Prescription Diet there fur was shinier, softer, and got matted much less. Also, I noticed that my cats gained weight with the good food whereas lesser brands would just go right through them. My cats were also more energetic and happier after switching to this brand. Eventually, I lost both my cats because of old age and kidney failure but I am convinced that had I fed them a good brand of food from the start they would have had much longer lives.  13 years is a good life for a cat but if you love them you want them around much longer and from now on I am buying a better brand, no matter the cost. And if I ever need a prescription food for any reason I will ask my vet to give me Hill's Prescription Diet for sure.

Hamilton, OH


Excellent food for ailing kidneys


The vet thought my cat had ingested anti-freeze and there was nothing that could be done.  Another friend of mind told me to give my cat saline subcutaneously which I did (the vet trained me and it wasn't hard) and I also asked the vet about special food that would help his kidneys.  I switched to the k/d canned and dry food and that's what I have been feeding him since I learned about it.  I am very happy to say Poki is fine and completely off the saline (I switched vets) but I don't know that I will ever stop feeding him the k/d as I don't know that his kidneys will ever be 100%.  I do credit the special food for allowing his kidneys to heal as much as they have and for allowing him to remain healthy.

Makawao, HI


Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline Renal Health Dry Cat Food

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