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Gateway Notebook PC

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NV5207u has done wonders for the small price paid.


At first look, it is a very attractive piece of technology. Right off the bat, you'll notice at first start-up, a very simple user setup process, thanks to Windows 7 Home Premium that came with it. The keyboard is very spacious, with a somewhat crammed 10 key pad on the right side. A bit of convinience added for those you really like the 10 key, but the crammed nature of it causes some inconvinient key relocations. Matted finish where the palms rest, just next to an off-centered touch pad looks sleek and very functional. The off-centered touch pad, however, causes the occasional confusion about why you're scrolling instead of moving the mouse. Above the keyboard is a nice set of touch-sensitive controls ranging from volume, to touch pad functions, all the way to wifi and instant back-up solutions. The power of this machine is definitely noticable when using multiple programs at once. Quickness of the laptop is definitely visable when playing certain games, helped by the AMD Radeon HD 3200 and its gracious 256MB dedicated Video RAM, it was capable of running most games I threw at it at medium graphics pretty decently. No replacement of that power hungry desktop gaming machine, but definitely a god mobile gaming platform All the software packaged with the laptop, (aside from the normal "free trials" of internet, security and office) helped a lot in setting up the laptop how I wanted it. The Windows Aero features, ie all the visual aspects that came in with windows 7, look phenominal on the 16 inch wide screen HD display. Compatibility with other programs that used to be used on XP or Vista has been flawless, with the exception of a couple off branded drivers for no-name usb peripherals, most of which are redundant anyway because this laptop had the peripherals built in. all in all, the Gateway NV5207u has done wonders for the low price that was paid for it.  

Tacoma, WA


Gateway will suprise you!


I was in need of a laptop for school so went down to a local store to take a look. It took a few days before finally deciding on the Gateway NV5207u. I was kinda skeptical because I had heard very mixed reviews abot gateway computers, but it had all the features I was looking for plus the price was good. So, far it has been a great computer. I love the fact it has so many USB ports and lthe HDMI hook-up for my TV. It plays games smoothly. I have had more problems with the Mcaffee Inenet Security software than the actual computer but thats another story. The cooling system on it could be better so, there is a risk of the computer overheating and frying the computer. I recommend purchasing a lap fan to place under the laptop when using for long periods of time or with intense use. It would be nice if the battery lasted longer but you'll run into that annoyance with any latptop. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Yakima, WA


Gateway Notebook PC

4.0 2