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Gateway Notebook PC

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Love my first laptop computer gateway has made the best one ever


I bought this computer at hsn so i could pay the monthly payments. that was the only way i could afford one. Well i got the best one it has not given me any problems and the set up when it got here was so easy! Now i loaned it to my friend and now she is getting one too. You cant go wrong with this computer worth every dime!

Scipio, UT




I know nothing about computers or laptops, my boyfriend usually helps me. but this laptop blows my mind. it virtually NEVER crashes, or overheats, Ive had it 2? years maybe and everything still works perfect except I broke the down arrow button, I have spilled coffee in it, juice, dust, you name it! still works like a charm. The only thing it doesnt do is play Sims 3! I love that the screen is big enough that I can actually see it, and he slider bar for the music is great. Its fast, its convie itent and it works!! I love this lap top!

Schenectady, NY


Gateway Notebook PC

5.0 2