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Dell Precision Notebook PC

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I love being portable with my laptop!


My Dell Precision M70 is very nice. The silver color is just right, not too shiny or too dull. The battery life is nice and long, I can go over 3 hours without recharging. The fan blows out the back and just a little bit on the corner, so I don't have to keep it on a cooling station. The key placement is nice; I don't always accidentally hit the "=" or "\" key when reaching for the backspace. There are several downsides to this laptop. The first is its weight. I am not very strong, and when I'm seated on the couch and want to pick up my laptop, I have to use both hands. When I am on battery power, the screen goes much darker. I like it because that let's me know when I accidentally pull the plug out, but when I do have to use the battery, I can't do as much because the screen is so dark. All in all, there are good things that my Dell Precision M70 can do for me, but I have to be willing to give it things, too.

Birmingham, AL


Dell Precision Notebook PC

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