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Dell Latitude Notebook PC

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The Latitude D531 works like a slave!


I use the Dell Latitude D531 every day. I use it for homework, movies, music, games, and anything i need to research. I use my laptop in the coffee shop, in the library, and now even in my city thanks to public WiFi! It has a built in WiFi adapter, so the internet goes wherever i want to!!!  I really enjoy using my Latitude, it is fast, reliable, and a defineate "thumbs up" buy. Wether its homework, or just recreation, this laptop can download pictures and music really fast. The latitude loads videos very fast and since it has Microsoft windows vista as an operating system, you know it scans for viruses and has restore settings. All in all a reliable notebook. A must have for students and teachers alike. Some of my best friends have this laptop, but use it mainly for research, or on the go needs. If you simply like checking e-mail, or browsing the web, this is the laptop for you. It is the right one for me as a student. Maybe you will enjoy it like i do.

Minneapolis, MN


Dell Latitude Notebook PC

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