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Copper Kettle Popcorn
Copper Kettle Popcorn - Copper Kettle Caramel Puffs

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Copper Kettle Caramel Puffs - Tastes Like Real Caramel Corn!


Never go to a farm market when you are hungry! The weather has been snowy with below zero windchill and I have not been able to get to a grocery store in several days. I was beginning to feel like Old Mother Hubbard with nothing in my cupboard! I decided to run to the farm market and pick up a couple of bananas. I not only picked up bananas, but some bakery goods and a snack I have never seen or tried - Copper Kettle Caramel Puffs made with real butter. I love caramel corn, but I never buy it due to the high carbs which my husband isn't allowed. Besides, I always get a stomach ache from any kind of popcorn due to the kernels. When I saw the caramel puffs, I tossed them in my cart, but I didn't have high hopes for how they would taste. These caramel puffs are awesome! Copper Kettle Caramel Puffs start with a hullness corn puff which is added to the same caramel recipe as the original caramel corn. I would swear I was eating the real thing! Copper Kettle uses the finest ingredients with state-of-the-art processing. The company is located in a quaint Amish town in Topeka, Indiana. Their philosophy is "to produce the best quality products possible, honestly, and at a fair price." **Nutrition Facts:** Serving Size: 3/4 cup Calories: 140 Total Fat: 4g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 270g Total Carbs: 25g Dietary Fiber: 0g Sugars: 15g Protein: 0g A 6.5 oz. bag contains 6 servings. I just ate 1/2 of the bag! Once you begin eating these tasty puffs, you just cannot stop! Thank you for reading my review.

Cleveland, OH


Copper Kettle Popcorn - Copper Kettle Caramel Puffs

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