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Infant Car Seats

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Baby's first Carseat.


Compass I400 is an impressive car seat. It has a multi-matching base, meaning you have have several of the same base, in different cars, and the car seat would latch into each one, making it so much easier to transfer between cars, as all you would need to do is lock it into another matching base, in a different car. My husband and I both had a base for it in our cars, so we could easily transfer the child from one car to another without all the hassle of having to move the base to his car, and then back to mine. It is a strong, durable car seat, and is totally safe for your little one. My first child was in one for almost the first year she was alive. She went everywhere in that car seat. And it sits perfectly on the stroller base we bought with it, too, so we could latch her car seat into the stroller while she was still a teeny tiny thing, and just push her around that way. It is so easy to take out of the car, too. You just hold the handle in one hand, and reach to the back with the other, to lift the red handle lever and it unlatches from the base, making it extremely easy to separate and remove from the car, or stroller, to place somewhere else. I love the stylish design of the car seat, too. The colors blend so well together, and the way the straps are the same back ground color, so as not to draw the eye to them. It's really a great car seat. I would have kept it still, into my second child birth, but the car it was in was in a car wreck, while my child was in it. The car seat was fine, no damage done, but the law at the time said we couldn't keep using it after it had been in a wreck, so we had to change to a newer model. I think we would have had that one all the way up till my son, 6 years later, had it not happened. Were it not discontinued soon after, I would have bought another and still be using it to this day probably.



Fantasticly great


I love this product it is really safe so I know my kids are going to be safe no mater what. I know i can trust this company. I have three kids and they all used this and it is really is great. I love it and so do my kids there has been no problems what so ever. My sister in laws are having babies and i recomended theis car seat and they took it into consideration.I love ethis product!!!!!!

Cuba, MO


easy to use


This car seat is cute looking and the handle is awesome. The handle makes it so easy to carry and maneuver around. The handle is the best feature of this car seat. I like the pink, it makes it very easy to know there is a baby girl in there. most car seats are a uni-sex color, but this is so for a girl. It is easy to get in and out the the car.

Albany, GA


This infant seat has its pros and cons, but the pink is styling!


This is a cute car seat for the mom who has two boys and then a girl. I agree with all the pros in the other reveiws, and the cons. Here is one more: It doesn't have the belt-alone feature that other car seats have, so it doesn't install in my double stroller right. If you are a first-time mom of a girl, this is the car seat for you - get the travel system if you can. But as an experienced mom with a toddler, this was maybe not the best choice for me. I loved the pink so much though, I couldn't bare to take it back. So I just "make it work" in my stroller - not as secure as I would like, but the baby's not likely to fall out.

North Highlands, CA



4.5 4