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Body Shop Wise Woman Vitality Serum

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Body Shop's Wise Woman Vitality Serum improves your skin.


The Body Shop has come out with a really great product for the face.  The Wise Woman Vitality Serum is recommended for mature skin.  It firms, strengthens and improves skin elasticity.  This is a great product for all skin types.  It comes in a pump bottle and is easy to dispense.  My skin has really improved with the use of this product.  I have mature skin and it tends to be dehydrated, dull and saggy.  I live in a desert climate so that rally does a nmber on the skin.  The dryness and the sun exposure can age skin really fast.  Since I started using this product I have noticed a difference.  My skin really doeas appear to be firmer, not as saggy as it used to be.  So I would say the elasticity has improved.  You use it under moisturizer and it seems to make the moisturizer work better.  My skin does not seem to dry out at all during the day.  It kind of goes on like a shield and at night when I wash my face, I am washing off the serum that is remaining.  With this product my skin looks and feels younger, firmer, tighter, better.

Albuquerque, NM


Body Shop Wise Woman Vitality Serum

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