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Baby Lock
Baby Lock quilters choice

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the quilters choice is the easiest sewing machine to use


the baby lock quilters choice has a lot of room to put your project on the machine and actually quilt.  the pressure foot raises up high to get the quilt under it.  the auto scissors is a great feature, you finish sewing and hit the button.  no more grabbing for you scissors.  a big time saver too.  there is a great warranty on the quilters choice, also.  if the store you purchase from offers lessons on the machine, be sure to take them.  they will be able to teach you things about the quilters choice that would take you a lone time to learn on your own.  the quilters choice is so easy to pick a stitch, you have a "cheat sheet" that hooks on to the handle of the machine or jsut leave it on the table next to you.  pick a category from the groups of stitches, then pick the stitch you want.  from there, you look at the front of the machine and select the category and then the stitch.  you are able to sew with or without a foot pedal too. 

Saint Louis, MO


I love this machine


I purchased this machine after a sewing class and it was on a great sale.  Having used it for various projects around the house, it has inspired me to take some more classes and actually put together a quilt.  This machine is really good for all-around projects and I'm sure that it will perform well for quilting.  I purchased it from 35th Avenue Sew and Vac.  I have to say that they too have been very supportive with any support and training.  I feel like I traded in my Yugo for a BMW.

Phoenix, AZ


Baby Lock quilters choice

5.0 2