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Apple iPod 16GB Nano 6th Gen Graphite-Touch Screen

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Perfect for working out.


I give this an 8 only because if used for more than working out and traveling I could possibly find it a bit lacking. I, however, purchased it for exactly those things and am very happy. Has a very long battery life and is very easy to interact with. The iPod is not, however, compatible with wifi, so can be a bit lacking from that standpoint. Display is very nice and as is the case with most apple products, it looks very appealing. It is very small and lightweight, and as stated above, is perfect for working out. Its diminutive size does make it quite easy to misplace. It comes equipped with an application to sync with nike run, as well as an application which allows you to listen to the radio. If you are looking to purchase in iPod for more than just working out, I would consider a different one, however if you are looking for something to allow you to listen to music while running or weight lifting, this iPod is without peer.



this product is not all that great.


I had one of these and it would always freeze on me and the sound was very low and I would not recommend. It sucks with everything, I thought it was going to be useful because of its size but its not it does not have good durability and it just isn't a very good music player I would not buy this for anyone or myself for that matter. I had it for a week and the screen kept freezing, the music was very low. I like my music to the volume where I can hear it clearly not where it's like whispering in my ear. I like the iPod touch way better than this, at least with tat I don't need to turn it full blast to hear my music. I suggest if you really want a good music player you buy something other than this. This generation of this Nano is way worse than any iPod or mp3 player ever made, I would rather but the most expensive player if it meant getting great quality in sound. Do yourself a favor and get something a little more expensive I'm sure you deserve I way more than this iPod Nano.



Apple iPod 16GB Nano 6th Gen Graphite-Touch Screen

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