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Animal Pak 44 pckt (Universal Nutrition)

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The best supplement for the gym


I recently bought this and I LOVE IT. I had never slept as good as how I am doing now. You wake up so comfortable and full of energy that the first time you want to do is going to the gym and rock it. Besides, the 11 pills on each pack show you how much vitamins you are actually taking. The animal pak is really good gave energy and help me gain muscle mass. I love these vitamins been taking them for a while now just wish they wouldn't make my pee neon green but other then that they give you a nice edge when cycling. I have a 6 month old baby, and he likes to wake up EVERY hour during the night lol. Me and my GF have an arrangement where she gets up with him at night, and I get up with him once he wakes up for good in the morning, 5-8ish. Well I still wake up most of the time, slightly lol, when he cries every time at night. But I realized yesterday that I hadnt woken up at all since I started PAK! I'm also waking up feeling pretty damn good! So freakin a guys, deeper more restful sleep, who would have guessed



Animal Pak 44 pckt (Universal Nutrition)

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