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Amana Freestanding Electric Range ACF4265

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Amana Big Oven


Purchased my Amana Big Oven in 2003. Since then I have had to replace the ignition system  once already. Near the end of 2010 we had new problems. The broiler will come on but not stay on. Some times the oven won't stay on either. The light is out and it is not the bulb. The repair man came out and decided it must be the clock mechanism.. This part was on back order and no one in the US had one in stock. Today I learned that they are no longer making this part. So now I need to purchase a new stove. It looks great but what good is it is if it won't stay on when trying to broil or bake? Stove top works fine.

Lynnfield, MA


Big oven inside


Amana the Big Oven is the best oven that I have come across. Not only is the inside big enough to cook a turkey and a load of rolls, but it gets things done as they should be and not burnt. The buttons are easy to use and the knobs can come off for easy cleaning. The oven can clean on a self timer when you are not at home and you can even set the time to start cooking when you get home. The top is glass and  is easy cleaned with stove top cleaner. Though it does take a little elbow grease to get something burnt off the stove top.It comes with 3 medium burners and a large one that can be reduce to  a small burner with a flick of a button for small sauce pans. This oven also has a warmer on the cook top to keep rolls warm or even for making breads when rising. The price was comparable to others and comes with a year warranty.  I have never had a problem with this oven and cooks like a charm. All in all this is a great oven.

Homeworth, OH


Amana Freestanding Electric Range ACF4265

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