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Aspire 1500
Acer Notebook PC

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For the most part, I am satisfied with my Acer laptop


I wasn't really familiar with computers, let alone laptops when my husband bought my acer laptop for an anniversary present.  However, in the two years that I have had it, I have been able to learn quite a lot about it.  I usually use it for emails and searching the web, but I have also learned how to work the dvd burning feature and made copies of several personal dvds of trips that we have had to share with my friends.  I have also learned how to burn and rip cds and to add music to my mp3 player, which I use for walks.  I like experimenting with my acer, and they have many helpful hints to show you how to work different features that you may not be familiar with.  Among the things I enjoy most are the "favorites" feature, which enables me to store things that I want to repeatedly look at, without having the look them up each time; the Google is easily accessible and they have allowed me to pick interesting and beautiful pictures for my desktop along with the option of putting my own personal pictures in instead.  Overall, I like the acer computer very much for what my needs are.

Fort Myers, FL


acer is da best


A relative newcomer to the world of mobile computers, Acer laptops have been the recipients of numerous awards for design and innovation. The line features a selection of TravelMate  the Aspire series, and the cutting edge Ferrari line up. Acer Ferrari notebooks, not only share a name with the Italian sports car maker, but also boast the inimitable Prancing Horse emblem. Thanks to persistence and quality, they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the market, and are now amongst the top five brands. Weighing in at a solid 7.8kg, and sporting a massive 20.1 display, this notebook would make an excellent all in one multimedia warhorse. There's probably no need for buying a seperate television, DVD player, gaming console and pc when you own this desktop replacement.



Acer Notebook PC

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