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up & up Pain Reliever Added Strength

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up & up Pain Reliever Added Strength ALWAYS works great!


I have two up & up pain relieving products in my medicine cabinet - up & up Extra Strength Acetaminophen and **up & up Pain Reliever Added Strength**. The latter contains caffeine, so unless it's late afternoon/evening, it's the one I reach for 99% of the time. Besides Excedrin (which this is a generic form of), this is my favorite pain reliever because it ALWAYS works! Effectiveness No matter what kind of headache I have: tension, hangover, even sinus sometimes, this product works great. I'm not sure if that is because it contains two types of pain relievers (acetaminophen & aspirin) or because it contains caffeine, or all of the above, but it works great. Ease of Use This comes in small, round tablets that are easy to swallow. Immediacy For really bad headaches or for headaches that involve dehydration, this can take longer to work, but for most regular headaches it works very quickly - around 20 minutes.

Camp Lejeune, NC


up & up Pain Reliever Added Strength

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