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Schwinn 235 Recumbent Bike

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what a great buy!!


I have really bad back problems and walking is not that easy for me but I wanted to get some excercise so I bought this bike and I love it!!!  It is easy to understand and with all the different programs you have access to you never get bored.  I can watch tv or read and just ride my bike. 

Fond Du Lac, WI


A comfortable exercise bike with adjustable seat.


I hate exercising, I really do.  Through the years I've tried different things, but I just can't stick to any of it.  My mother had bought herself the Schwinn 235 recumbent bike after her knee surgery, and then gave it to me afterward.  The bike was very comfortable to sit in, and the seat was easily adjustable, which was good because if my husband used the bike, he would always change the seat.  The way that this exercise bike is designed, I was able to easily change the seat back to the place that was best for me.  I have a bad back and deal with a lot of pain and discomfort, however, the Schwinn 235 recumbent bike was actually supportive of my back.  The padded hand grips made it easy to get comfortable and support myself getting into, or out of, the bike.  And because the bike is recumbent, is takes a lot of pressure off of your spine when you exercise. The bike has an electronic panel that displays the distance you've traveled, the speed you are going, and the calories you've burned.  It also has a Heart Rate mode, which is where you grasp the handlebars and your heart rate is displayed.  This is a helpful way to see if you are working too hard, or not hard enough. There are five modes of exercise.  Intervals, summit, hills, plateau, random and a heart rate control mode.  The heart rate mode automatically adjusts the resistance of the bike to keep your heart rate within the range to burn the most fat.  I used the random mode the most because it's most like being out on the road.  On this mode, you receive a variety of different obstacles and also lighter resistance periods too. You can change the resistance yourself, if you want.  My mother couldn't do any of the heavy duty exercising, she had to keep the resistance at a minimum and that workout was perfect for her.  However, if you are a DIE HARD exerciser, you could certainly get an equally effective workout by putting a harder resistance on, or by using one of the exercise modes listed above. The Schwinn 235 bike will take up some room in your home.  It's dimensions are:Dimensions: 59.75 in. l x 24 in. w x 47.5 in. h Weight: 154 lbs. This thing is heavy!  It is possible to push it around by yourself, but you'll need some help lifting it.  Also, it left black marks on my carpet, so I would suggest putting a mat or something underneath it.  I would recommend this exercise bike for people of all fitness levels.  And if your home has people with different levels of fitness, this bike would be perfect.  It's easy to adjust, and easy to set up.  Good Luck!  

Jacksonville, NC


Schwinn SR23 recumbent bike is a great buy


I recently bought a Schwinn SR23 recumbent bike but can not find the correct place to leave a review for that model.  I am very handy at assembling but still found the bike very easy to assumble.  I would make a couple of suggestions on the order of parts but very do able as is.  As far as using the bike it is very easy and works great.  Have a treadmill but like so many others wanted something I could use and watch TV without cranking the sound to ear breaking levels for everyone else.  Only problem is I should have gotten two so would not have to wait for the wife to finish.  Levels are fun and give a good workout so far.  Would reccommend this bike to anyone looking for a recumbent bike. 

Okarche, OK


Schwinn 235 Recumbent Bike

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