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Schwinn Active Series Upright Exercise Bike

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Schwinn a10 bike delivers!


I've owned this bike for over a month now and I'm glad I made the purchase. The bike feels sturdy and well built and using it is a pleasure. It's very compact and fits well in my studio. It's very nearly silent to operate the only sound being a gentle soft ticking as I pedal. The resistance levels change smoothly and are more than sufficient for me. I am an active athletic guy in my 30's and in the summers my bike trips are generally around 20 to 40 milers with the occasional 50 miler or higher. Obviously I don't get to do those every day but with this bike, it's a breeze to hop on it every morning for 30 minutes or so and put 10 miles under my belt. I've yet to use any resistance higher than 6 so it more than meets my needs. I ignore the cheesy electronics like the flakey heart rate monitor or the completely useless mini fan built in to the console. What's important to me is that the important part of the bike is well built and delivers on its promise. I look forward to owning and using this bike for many years to come.


Saint Paul, MN


Keeps me fit & my legs looking good!


I have been using this bike for two years and I compltely love it. I use it daily. I picked up this bike for the convenience of exercise in the home, especially when weather is bad. I ultimately chose it for the low price, decent reviews, long warranty and trusted brand name. Assembly is very simple, I had it together in 15 minutes and tools are included. The bikes feature's are extremely limited, but I didn't pay for bells and whistles. You get six preprogrammed exercise profiles plus a free form mode where you adjust resistance on the fly. You cannot set custom programs, but this is not a drawback for me- I wouldn't bother doing that anyway. Navigating the menu, like anything with this few buttons, takes some getting used to but is only a hassle at first. It's easy to adjust the seat height and handlebar tilt, but note that there is no way to adjust the seat post angle. If it's uncomfortable, you'll have to play with the seat height and handlebar tilt until it feels better. The unit is very quiet when in use and the magnetic resistance is smooth and comfortable. Resistance range goes from impossibly low to as high or higher than I'd ever want it to be for extended cardio routines. A lot of people complained of damage to the unit during shipping, which I did not encounter. However, mine shipped with a slight manufacturing defect. One of the feet is misshapen in such a way that it does not fit snugly, and is prone to falling off when I move the bike around. It doesn't happen while riding and the bike still sits solid on the floor so I didn't even bother to exchange the part.


Alhambra, CA


Schwinn Active Series Upright Exercise Bike

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