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parissa wax strips

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great for unibrow


Parissa Natural Hair Removal System Quick & Easy Was Strips face & bikin is such a long and impressive name for such a simple product. I'm a big fan of how well they work and that they can solve my unibrow problem quickly and neatly. I have some Jewish blood in my family which gives me course and kinky hair growing on my forehead above my nose, making it appear that I have one eyebrow instead of two; thus, a unibrow. But with a quick application and swipe of this waxed plastic, I have two eyebrows again. It does sting a little bit and sometimes my hair follicles being ripped out leaves a bloody patch on my forehead, and in addition, it always makes my skin red which takes a day or so, or at least a few hours to clear up. I use the included oil on the spot after the wax, but it just leaves my skin oily which isn't always the best thing. I will continue to buy them to remove unwanted hair on my head and to fix my unibrow.


Portland, OR


no pain no gain


These wax strips by parissa are supposed to be quick and easy for the face and bikini area, however I did not find them too easy to use. I was expecting actual wax strips but what I found when I opend the box was a block of wax encased between only two strips. Your supposed to separte the two strips and warm them in your hands before applying to your skin. then you take one of the strips and press it firmly on your skin and rip it off quickly in the opposite direction. The same strip is supposed t be used more than one time.  Here's the problem, I only found that each strip only was good about 4 times, so it's OK to use on underarms, possibly the bikini area or upper lip where there is usually not too much hair to remove, but definately not good for the legs where you need more.  Luckily I started with the underarms so I didn't have to worry about not having enough to complete the job. That being said, it didn't work properly the first time so I did have to do it several times in order to remove all the unwanted hair under my arms. And even though I did remove the hair and after I got the hang of it, the hair removable was short lived as it grew back after only one week, not 2-6 weeks as advertised.  Not what I expected based on what I paid for it. I can see this as a good way to remove hair last minute for a party or similar type of occasion the same night, but not good as a supliment to  a professional spa waxing.  After removing the wax you are supposed to apply the Azulene oil to the area where hair was removed, I guess to sooth the skin. Here I found another problem, I broke out where the oil was applied. I do not think I will be using this product again. 


Hamburg, PA


parissa wax strips

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