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costume is verry formidable

algeria skikda


Not Great Store


Our oldest son wanted an Olaf costume for Halloween, so we looked at nothingbutcostumes.com, but they did not have anything in that theme. I was quite surprised that they did not have costumes for popular characters like that, but I was able to find a Star Wars costume for one of our other kids. So I have found the site useful, but it is not nearly as good as I had hoped. Ease of Use The search function is not very helpful in finding the right products that you are looking for without a lot of fluff that you need to skim through that doesn't really match the search term. I found it more helpful to simply go to the category of my son's age and scroll through what they had, although this was also quite time consuming. The site could be greatly improved if they made the search bar more efficient and categorized their products better. Product Pricing The prices on products were decent compared to what we have seen at other stores.



Great selection


I've used this website for my costumes last season and I've been fairly happy with my purchases thus far. First, great selection of customers. I was able to find multiple costumes that I wanted and had difficulties narrowing it down. But in the end I managed to choose one and when I did a price comparison, this was the cheaper alternative by far. The item was exactly as described an the quality of the costume was pretty good. It is something that is definitely reusable and not one season use. I like how they keep track with the current trends on what is popular. I ordered the green lantern costume and it's a fairly good attempt at the replication of what the actual costume is. The shipping is extremely fast and I was able to get the costume before Halloween came especially since I ordered 2 weeks before. I'll be looking again this year to see what's good to order. Combined with the frequent promos, this is more cost effective than shopping in store!



The site is so messed up its almost impossible to navigate!


This site has some great prices for the costumes and costume accessories that they have in stock, however their stock really leaves a lot to be desired. The selection isn't that big to begin with, but becomes even smaller when you click on an item listed that is actually out of stock. Sizing is difficult as well. The kids sizes are listed as S, M, & L but number the sizes that are covered are not included in the description. That makes shopping for small kids harder. Their website itself is also not done very well there is text over top of other text, making reading it impossible and all the pictures of kids costumes don't appear to have been taken head on. It looks like someone took a picture of another picture at a bad angle then uploaded them to this website. Not very professional at all. When I first came across this site I was excited because the prices are so good but their lack of selection and their poor attempt at showcasing them makes shopping there nearly impossible!

Southfield, MI



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