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Hotel Mamalla Heritage


Booking a perfect hotel banquet hall for your functions is not an easy task in Chennai. You have to do a lot of research before selecting a right option so here are some basic ideas which can give you a clear shot about the problem. Hotels in Mahabalipuram with tariff are one of the best places to fix your functions but you must be very conscious of this process.



Good enough


Although I prefer Hotels.com, some people like different sites for different reasons. The first hotel booking and searching website I was introduced to and used was Hotels.info. The site is very user friendly, the layout is good and easily maneuverable, and there is over 250,000 hotel listing in the database. I also love that they have a smart ios app available for those that like to search or book on the go because they are very busy and use their smartphones. Ease of Use There is just one search option on the home page, which usually comes back with some pretty accurate results, but other times you may need to search again by rewording your search to get better results. Features Like I said, the home page only has the one search field, but then there are places to add how many rooms you want and other pertinent information. Customer Service The best part of this website is the price guarantee they offer and the customer service team will gladly adjust the price for you if you find it cheaper elsewhere.



Not a great site to book hotel.


I travel a lot for leisure so I'm travelling with my own expense. Therefore I need to find great hotel prices for my stays. I like to stay at chain hotels because I know what to expect and I'm mostly stay at a couple of chains. This site claimed to have good prices on hotels so I checked it out a couple of times. It showed up in several hotel comparison sites but the price is not good. I have never booked anything from them because the price they quoted for chain hotels such as Marriott hotels, is basically the same as you booked from marriott.com. So what's the point in booking with them? I don't get my loyalty point bonus, and I don't get any status from any chain because I don't book directly with them. If hotel.info wants to call themselves cheap, they ought to put their price below what the hotel official site's is charging. Otherwise I don't see any point in buying hotel nights through them - at least hotel.com gives you a free night after 10 nights if you book with them.




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