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e.l.f. Lip Stain - All Shades

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Not long Lasting


It is an okay product, but don't expect it to last all day. The stain is gone in mere hours. Other than the needing to reapply to keep the color, they are cute colors and easy to use.

Grand Island, NE




Horrible, horrible product. My daughter bought this for me to try to trade off me using my more expensive kind of lipstain, so I gave it a try MANY times and each time I was so disappointed. There is nothing staining about this supposed lipstain. It wipes right off on anything. It smears, it just does NOT stay. Now, I could understand if it was just a lipstick, as lipsticks do wear off, but even they stay on longer than e.l.f. lipstain. What a waste of money, but then I found out it was really cheap, so I guess the price does warn you beforehand. Anyway, the colors are very glamorous looking if only they would stay in place, even for an hour!! The red is so brilliant, I loved it in the packaging, out of the packaging, upon applying, but that's where the love ends. Anyway, I do not recommend this unless you don't mind everything your lips touch wearing it!

Somerdale, NJ


Nice lip product, but not a stain


I was really excited when I saw this product.  I love e.l.f. because they are so inexpensive but typically you get a lot more than you pay for.  I was a bit disappointed when I got this because I feel like e.l.f. should know better.  This is not a lip stain.  There is a 'stain' end and a gloss end.  You are supposed to put the stain part on first and then put the gloss over it when it dries.  Problem is, it never really dries.  So I put it on and waited and waited for it dry and it wouldn't so I proceeded to put the gloss on.  It says you can stop here if you want a matte look, but on me it was definitely not a desireable look.  When I put the gloss on it took some of the color off.  This should not happen since the color is supposed to stain your lips.  The gloss is really nice as far as glosses go.  Not sticky, not slimey.  This did not last very long on my lips.  A stain should last all or at least half of the day.  I would say the color stayed put on me about as long, maybe a touch longer, as a gloss would.  All in all, it looked nice with the color and the gloss on, but it simply isn't a stain.  The price is good for what it is, and I would consider buying it again.  The shades it comes in are nice.  It just isn't a stain.

Burnsville, MN


e.l.f. Lip Stain - All Shades

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