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cabot australian timber oil

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Better than Thompson's


My husband is a handyman. He owns his own business. He believes in the old motto "do it right the first time" He's tried lots of products for lots of different jobs and applications. Whenever he builds something, he uses the best materials the client can afford. My husband ALWAYS uses Australian Timber Oil. For years, he's insisted on it, whether it's an indoor or outdoor application. Last year, I had occasion to help him on one of his jobs. He likes to bring me along when he's doing something I've never done, so he can teach me "the right way". Thanks to him I can now lay tile, hang drywall, install toilets and replacement windows, and a number of other things. Most important, though, is that I know the right way to do these jobs. Anyway, we were building with tongue and groove knotty pine planks. They were absolutely beautiful! We used the Cabot's Australian Timber Oil in "Honey Teak". (My favorite color to this day.) That wood came to life, like it was glowing! It was so amazingly beautiful, even with the limited indoor light.Besides being beautiful, the Cabot's goes on extremely easily. We use staining sponges, which are sponges wrapped in terry cloth, cheap and available everywhere. Just wear gloves! There's no need to "back brush" like with other wood stains. No need to come back and wipe it off with a rag either, when you use the staining sponges. The oil soaks in quickly and dries entirely within hours, less in the sun. Cabot did a test against wood sealers like Thompson's Water Seal. The Australian Timber Oil blew everyone out of the water. (pardon the pun) Thompson's is synthetic, Cabot's is not. Which makes it more eco-conscious, too. So next time you have occasion to stain some wood, please do yourself a favor and try Cabot's Australian Timber Oil. I guarantee you'll be hooked for life! It is truly a superior product! And "Honey Teak"? Makes every type of wood look amazing!

Sugarloaf, CA


cabot australian timber oil

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