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Dap Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling

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So Easy to Spackle Even I Could Do It


Everyone who moves into a new home encounters it -- the nail holes or built in shelving holes in walls, bathrooms and closets.  In my closet the previous owners had left horrible holes where they had installed storage shelves and then moved them.  The other day I became fed up with them and went to the garage to get spackling to cover them up to discover that it was dried out.  My dear husband went to the store and came home bearing **DAP Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling.**  **DAP Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling is**:  - easy to use - dries fast  - easy to apply - lightweight  - great for small projects  - lightweight  - inexpensive  Can I think of anything bad about **DAP Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling**?  No not really.  It is best used on small projects.  Follow the directions on the packaging and you will have smooth walls in minutes.  What was really surprising was that no sanding was even needed (ok it was my closet sure but really no sanding) was needed. Because we followed the directions the spackle filled in the wholes quickly, without any left over aroma (that glue smell that many other spackles have) and it dried quickly.  I liked that I didn't even need a babysitter or handyman to get this project done.  It was simple and easy, just the way the package says, ***Fast and Final Spackling.***   The container could be a little bigger (it does come in larger sizes) , but maybe [Bryan][1] bought the small container so I couldn't find any other projects to do around the house. It was the 4th of July weekend after all.  Smart Man.  The closet looks great! Now, I can look around and find another project or two for him to do.    [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/aboutme/Bryan-Carey

Houston, TX


Great spackling and very fast


I really like this spacking it works well and it really is easy to use and it makes it great because it dries so fast and worls really well. The problem that I have with it is that the tub is way to big... I really only use this stuff once of twice a year and so it dries out before I get a chance to use it all. I wish that the tub of spackling was about half as big then I would not feel bad when it dries out and I have to throw it away. Other than it I think that it is really easy to use it works good to use it with a spatula and apply and then let it dry and be done! Its a great price too really pretty cheap for all that you get and I like that the lid is big and round so that the stuff is easy to get out and does'nt make a huge mess. Anyways I will definalty always use this stuff and especially when I am painting or when my 4 year old rips of a shelf hanging on her wall leaving 2 huge holes!

Spanish Fork, UT


Dap Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling

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