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Ziploc Zip'n Steam Bags

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Ziploc Zip 'n Steam Bags


Mr Ziploc was really having the best day when he invented these steam bags. I wish they had been invented decades ago! Who'd ever have thought that one day we'd be able to cook vegetables in a microwave and have no washing up to show for it. Superb! The instructions are on each baggie so if you are just doing veggies, you allow just 120 seconds or so in the microwave. I've even cooked chicken (which of course takes longer) and have used the cooked chicken to then put as an ingredient into something else. The Ziploc Steam Bag is designed in such a way that when it zips closed, it doesn't totally close, and therefore there is a small escape channel for the steam. I've even been known to use them as freezer bags when I've been short (although I realise they weren't designed for this). A product that I would thoroughly recommend and one that we could all benefit from in terms of the healthy way of cooking.




Steaming vegetables couldn't be any easier!


I love these bags! Vegetables steam absolutely perfectly! I really love that each bag is printed with a cheat sheet for cooking times. No guessing on the time for perfectly cooked veggies every time! The one thing that I use them for the most often, is cooking potatoes. I can even mash the potatoes if I overcook them just a bit. But if you are looking for an easy way to make fresh vegetables for your family, these bags are the best. Fresh steamed mini carrots is one of my favorite go-to veggies. They aren't anything like the canned "cooked carrots" from our school lunch days. You can't go wrong with these steamer bags!! Highly recommend!!!


Saint Paul, MN


Time Saver... Excellent Product


Ziploc Zip'n Steam These are such a time saver. Even though you can buy veggies at the grocery store in packages like these.. I prefer to use my own veggies fresh than to risk what else could be in the bag of pre-packaged ones. I first received these bags through a BzzAgent Sample and fell in love the day they came in the mail. And by using them at every Grill out we have I have turned all of our friends on to them. Now about the Cooking Bags. I have put every type of veggie you can imagine in there and have never had anything that didn't come out tasting wonderful. I will admit I have never cooked meat in them because I do not like Meat or Fish from the Microwave so I cant review about that but these bags are Awesome.. Have purchased tons of them over the last year. THANK YOU Ziploc


Springdale, AR


Zip'n Steam for quick, healthy food


I love these bags!!! I don't know what I did before they were created. Maybe I ate fewer vegetables? Ziploc Zip'n Steam bags work on frozen and fresh vegetables. I prefer fresh, so that's what I usually use, and they almost always turn out great. I have had oversteamed carrots and summer squash - yuck to both. I learned to cut the time by 10-15 seconds on those. The best thing about these bags is that I can cook some veggies, or whatever else I want to cook, so quickly. Throw them in the bag, add some seasoning, cook for a few minutes, and they're done. Hmmm... maybe the best part is the cleanup. Cleanup consists of throwing the bag away. That's it. No pots, no steamer basket, no saute pan to wash. I have been using the stem bags for a while, and just recently tried making an omelette (it was a recipe from the insert that comes with the bags). It worked! It worked very well! This product is definitely worth trying if you haven't yet.


Newnan, GA


Ziploc ZipNSteam -SAFE & Delicious for steaming veggies!!!


I've been using these bags for a while, but recently became more aware of the hazards of cooking in plastics, however after researching Ziploc Zip-N-Steam bags, I feel confident in using them to steam my veggies!  I cannot eat many vegetables raw due to allergies, so steaming is the healthy way to cook them, and these bags make it SO EASY!  Just follow the instructions clearly printed on the bag & throw in the microwave.  I've never had them come out anything but delicious!  I keep these bags around all the time, so I can eat healthy in a pinch.  You can add seasonings & butter spray before steaming & makes for awesome veggies.  Bags hold enough for my husband and I to both have a healthy serving of our veggies and even some left over for later! Thanks SCJohnson for making a product I can always count on and not worry about!


Midlothian, VA


Ziploc Zip'n Steam Bag--the healthier way of eating your veggies


My sister got me hooked on these bags and they are WONDERFUL! I have never liked cauliflower but steamed it is actually delicious! The nutrients that boil out are saved and therefore this really is the healthy alternative to cooking veggies, fish, etc. Not to mention faster too which is what we are all looking for in this hectic world!


Salt Lake City, UT


Ziploc steam bags are fantastic!


I love the Ziploc brand and when they came out with these I was not disappointed.  These bags make it so easy to cook vegetables and have them with every meal.  They come in 2 different sizes and give instructions right on the bag for how much to put in and how long to cook the food.  This has made it so that we eat more vegetables now.  It's so fast and easy, it takes me no time to figure out what vegetables we're going to have with dinner.  I love that it also works on frozen veggies.  I know you can also use this on other foods such as meats, fruits etc.  We've tried it on meat one time but we were so worried it wouldn't cook all the way that we only did it that one time.  Our favorite vegetables to cook in them are baby carrots and asparagus.  It is so fast and the vegetables come out so soft.  If you add a few seasonsings and just a little big of water they'll come out perfect everytime!  I wish there was a way to reuse these bags!


Spring, TX


Quick and delicious, let's busy families eat together


Commercials and advertisements for **Ziploc Zip 'n Steam** meals claim you can have a "healthy meal in less than 6 minutes!"  For the most part, that's true.  Unless you're a vegetarian, you'll want to add some type of meat to the veggie dishes.  A medium-sized **Zip 'n Steam** bag has 2-4 servings of vegetables depending on who's eating.  For an eater like myself, 2 is the likely number of servings. Thank goodness for *Ziploc *incorporating resealable closures with their bags.  Now, instead of having to choose between cooking the entire **Zip 'n Steam** serving or finding a separate bag to put the remainder into, you can use what you're going to eat then conveniently reseal the bag and place it back into the freezer. **Ziploc Zip 'n Steam** meals are quick and easy to prepare and contain generous portions of veggies for you and your family.  They are great for busy moms/dads and families on the go so that you aren't sacrificing your health to a hectic schedule.  The bags also contain various recipes to add spices and flavor according to your tastes. The **Zip 'n Steam** bags also have *Box Tops for Education* to collect for your child(ren)'s schools.


Dayton, OH


Ziploc Zip N Steam Bags are very convenient for cooking veggies!


I have a very small and ancient stove top and, as such, can't easily fit two large pots on two adjacent burners.  It's been very challenging to try to cook complicated meals with a setup like that.  Although I hate the idea of use and throw away products like the *Ziploc Zip-N-Steam Steaming Bags*, I've found that they are a lifesaver when I'm trying to prepare a complete dinner.  Instead of using a pot, steamer basket, and lid to steam vegetables, I've been using these *Ziploc Zip N Steam Bags* due to the space constraints in the kitchen.  They are super-easy to use! You simply peel and/or chop up your veggies, put them in the steaming bag, and then microwave them for the suggested amount of time printed on the bag.  I usually cook broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, snow peas, and carrots in these bags, though you can also do things like asparagus, corn on the cob, zucchini, etc.  I've even read about people steaming chicken, shrimp, and hot dogs in bags like these.  While I don't like the fact that I am adding to landfills by using these *Ziploc ZipNSteam Bags*, I do like how easy they are to use, especially in my small and cramped kitchen.  We definitely eat more vegetables now that I can easily nuke them in these bags than before when I had to deal with trying to fit an extra pot/steaming basket somewhere on the stovetop.  For those reasons, we'll continue to use them... at least until we finally get around to renovating our 1960's era kitchen.  Recommended!


New Jersey, NJ


fast but overcooked


If you are in a pinch, these veggies will help you get it done. I myself did not like them. I cooked them for the proper amount of time but they came out to soggy and not crunchy as if you were to stream them yourself.


Brockton, MA


Ziploc Zip'n Steam Bags

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