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Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water

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Bottles Don't Stand Up


Although the water tastes fine, a great many of the bottles in every case are warped at either end and will not stand up or are bent at the top.

Palm Bay, FL


This is the best choice for water


I love Zephyrhills water. It is my number one choice for water. If I only have tap or other water to drink, I will go thirsty until I can get zephyrhills. This water has a great taste. And yes water does have a taste. I have tried many different types of water, including several brands of spring water. This one is the best. I have found it is best to purchase the gallons though, as I go through the bottles so quickly. The water does not taste or smell stale. I also reccommend using this water for cooking or making tea. Other waters I have tried leave an aftertaste, which makes me wonder about their contents and quality. I feel this water is pure and safe to drink, as well as free from toxic chemicals like the water from my tap. I also feel it is better than just using a filter because that is still just treated sewer water that you get from the tap. This water is natural with whatever minerals were in the ground.



Clean, great-tasting water!


I love Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water. I do not like or want to drink chlorine-treated water or any other chemicals used to 'purify' water--it tastes terrible and I'm certain that it is unhealthy! Zephyrills Natural Spring Water comes from actual springs in several counties in Florida-it's pure and fresh. The taste is amazing. When you drink this, you are drinking water directly from Mother Nature. It has a fresh, crisp, and clean taste. I also appreciate the fact that the bottles are made with 30% less plastic-that's great news for the environment!



This water really does come from a natural spring.


Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water does not have a "metal" taste to it, doesn't need any flavors added to it, is refreshing not flat tasting. It comes from a natural spring in the heart of Florida. It comes in .5L, 700 ml, 3L and 2.5 gal. sizes. We take the .5L bottles with us everytime we travel and we take the 3L size when staying in motels or condos. We keep the 2.5 gal. sizes here at home in case of hurricanes or wide-spread power outages.

Live Oak, FL


Zephyrhills is my preferred choice in bottle water


I try to be healthy and one of the things I've done recently is stopped purchasing sodas and drinking water instead.  Tap water available here doesn't taste good and has high levels of chlorine so I've opted to buying bottled water; which isn't much more expensive than soda anyways.  But why pay for filter water like Dasani or Aquafina?  When I can buy a Brita filter and get similar results (which I have thought about and will probably get one in the future) or at a similar price buy natural spring water.  I enjoy drinking Zephyrhills because it doesn't have any funky tastes, no additives and the springs are located close to where I live in Florida, which I think is pretty cool.  Just recently Nestle Waters purchased Zephyrhills water company; however, the taste is the same and the bottles have been redesigned to use 30% less plastic while giving you the same amount of liquid. Sources of water include: Crystal Springs, Pasco Coumty, FL; Cypress Springs, Washington Coumty, FL;  and/or Blue Springs, Madison Coumty, FL

Dunedin, FL


This water is my number one choice for bottled water!


I absolutely love Zephyrhills water! I take it everywhere I go, and I make sure I have a cooler full of cold ones. I try to only drink water, juices, milk, and keeping myself hydrated is very important to me. I love being able to have a water readily available to me that is not going to leave a terrible taste in my mouth after I drink it.That is just the worst taste in the world when you have been very active and are very thirsty.  I have tried other water brands in the past and they all seem to have an unpleasant taste and/ or aftertaste. What a waste of money that was. Zephyrhills is not the cheapest water you can buy, but it is sold at an affordable price for most people. I also like this brand of water because there is nothing added to it and it is not city water that has gone through reverse osmosis. I prefer to put natural things in my body. This water plays a daily role in my life, and it is well worth my money.

Tavares, FL


Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water

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