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Zimmer leg brace - soft

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I think I can use it as a corset when my leg gets well.


I came home from ER sporting a Zimmer leg brace after spraining my knee on a boat pull behind tube. The doctor told me that I sprained the knee (at least) and perhaps ripped something. I am supposed to wear the leg brace and use crutches for a week. If I am not much better, then I get to go see a specialist. I do not want to see a specialist. I just want my knee to fix itself. The Zimmer is one size fits all the best I can tell. It sure does not have a size listed. Since my legs are very slim, this means that this thing just swallows me up. I swear that I could almost fit this around my waist. If I didn't lean to an apple shape, I'm sure I could. Surely both my legs could fit in the brace, but then I could not walk at all. Since this is bulky and also since I can't bend my knee, it is hard to get on. My boys feel guilty that they sent me airborn off the tube and then broke the rope on the pull and burned my shoulder and back too, so they are very good sports about getting me into this. I sit in the floor with my leg out. The boys wrap this around like a soft taco and lock it in place with the numerous velcro fasteners. The hospital added some extra ones even, since the thing gaps where my leg does not fill it up. If those velcros are not just right though they stick to me and itch. In the back of the leg brace, there are some strips of hard plastic or something to keep my leg from bending. The rest is soft like a blanket. I mostly feel the hard plastic rather than the blanket. I can't stand this leg brace too long and sure not for sleeping. It's like the anchor on the boat. I am totally docked. But, it's kind of big, so my knee still plays around and gives me the twinges. I am sure glad I do have the option to take this off. If not they'd have to give me some major drugs to keep me from chewing it off my leg.  


southern, NC


Zimmer leg brace - soft

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