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Zatarain's Spanish Rice

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Great Flavor


Zatarain's Spanish Rice tastes so incredibly amazing, you can really taste Zatarain's trade brand special Cajun seasoning in this rice. Because this rice is so flavorful and thick you don't have to add anything to it but your meat and veggies. I usually just add a can of diced tomatoes and some hamburger meat to mine and end up with quite a tasty meal.



Great with Tacos


We make Zatarains Spanish Rice a lot when we have Mexican dishes. It goes great with tacos-we put it inside our tacos and it is so filling. It is also good with nachos! This rice is so easy to make We really like the taste! It has a nice blend of spices that is not overpowering.



Zatarain's Spanish Rice - okay, but nothing special


Zatarain's make some very tasty New Orleans style products, such as Jambalaya mix. Unfortunately, their "New Orleans style" Spanish Rice was a bit of letdown, as it lacked the seasoning punch of their other products. It also doesn't have the more authentic nutty taste of home cooked Spanish rice (where the rice grains are lightly browned in olive oil, onion and garlic before adding stock to cook the rice through). This product is made from parboiled long grain rice, flavored with soy sauce, bell pepper, onion, chili powder, garlic, cayenne pepper, and other unnamed spices. All you do is add water, boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook until the rice is tender. A few minutes before the rice is done, you can added some chicken or other proteins to make it a more complete dish. From a taste standpoint, the Spanish Rice has a mild chili powder essence. It's a rather nondescript, unmemorable side dish, considering the high degree of sodium per serving (520 mg 22%DV per serving). To me, this tastes like the rice you can get at any Americanized "Mexican" fast food place.

Denver, CO


Z..z...z...atarian's Zimply Zonderful


After trying Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice I had to try their other products.  The outcome was very positive.  When making my deluxe nachos I like to add a little special something to them. The Spanish rice did the trick.  Full of flavor. Nice quantity.  Great quality. It's an authentic product to add to a menu.

Hamilton, MI


Just add tomatoes for a great side dish!


Some other Spanish Rice mixes turn out too liquidy, or too sticky. What I like most about **Zatarain's** is that it is none of the above!  The liquid completely absorbs and it is not at all sticky!! I made this Spanish Rice a few months ago, and then made it again last night.  Both times it came out great.  In the past with other Spanish Rice mixes, if I left it on the stove too long, it came out sticky or burnt.  Last night with Zatarain's, I left it on the stove about 10 minutes longer than it needed to be (I forgot about it!) but when I took it off and served it the rice still tasted perfect and was not sticky at all! The Zatarain's mix is easier to use than other Spanish rice because there is not much work at all.  You pour the package in with water, a little butter, and some canned diced tomatoes and stir.  Let it get to a boil, then simply cover it and leave it for about 25 minutes.  You do not have to stir it as it sits.  Other Spanish Rice mixes always told me to stir frequently.  With Zatarain's I basically left it alone and got to work on the other parts of my meal.  When my enchiladas were ready, the rice was sitting there just waiting to be served. I think I've made it clear that it was easy to make, but let me also make it clear that it tastes really good!  It tastes fresh and healthy and I don't even like tomatoes, but in Zatarain's I love them.  This rice is 0 grams of fat, and only 180 calories per serving.  We can easily make 4 large servings out of this box.  The sodium is a little high at 750 mg but that is pretty standard for boxed foods.  I now keep my cabinets stocked with Zatarain's Spanish Rice as an easy addition to any meal.  Enjoy!!

Metro Detroit, MI


Zatarain's Spanish Rice

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