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Xpress Popsicle Maker

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Great Option for Creating Healthy Warm Weather Treats At Home


I was ready to throw this out; the popsicles could NOT be removed from the freezing chamber. Then I used the popsicle removal tool like a can opener, pushing it down and to the side, rather than trying to pull up on it. Ah! That's how it works. The popsicles came out like a charm! I would have liked some recipe suggestions, but maybe that's what the internet is for. At any rate, our first batch of full-fat raw milk kefir pops with home-grown lacto-fermented red and black currants and sea berries, just picked blueberries, all sweetened with home-made apple cider syrup and maple syrup came out delectable! Where else could one find such a cool summer treat? And my granddaughter got to help with each step, learning all the way.




Xpress Popsicle Maker

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