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Salad Dressing
Wishbone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing

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A light delight to compliment any salad or sandwich


I recently purchased a bottle of the Wishbone Ranch Spritzer and was hooked on my first taste! I had it on a salad and the flavor was just intense enough and not as watery as some might think. I have been buying wishbone products ever since. I recommend this spritzer for someone looking for something a bit lighter than ordinary dressings and those who are seeking healthier alternatives.



Good tasting dressing in a spray bottle


This salad dressing has a very nice vinaigrette taste. It does not have an overpowering taste or a bitter taste that some vinaigrette dressings do have. The one unique thing is the spray bottle. This can be hard to use, a little awkward, and a little messy. However, it is important to note that this can also be a good way to use portion control. The most important thing is the taste of the dressing, and this dressing tastes very good.



Zesty and Healthy Dressing


I love the **Wishbone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinagrette Dressing** because you get all the great flavor of a full fat ranch dressing without the guilt of calories.  This vinagrette is a very thin liquid dressing, but full of flavor.  The flavor tastes like zesty ranch, but not creamy.  Each serving of about ten sprays is only 15 calories and will give your salad lots of flavor, without the fat and calories.  This is a great dressing for salads, but is also the perfect guilt free dip for vegetables.  I love that you get the great herb flavors of ranch, but it is in an easy to spray vinagrette.

Las Vegas, NV


Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette: Rehab for Ranchers


**Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing*****New Product from Wish-Bone***While I want to include more salads and fresh vegetables in my diet and serve them to my family as well, I have a downfall that threatens to make our salads as fat laden as a combo meal. I love the taste of Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings and my children have clearly inherited my fatty dressing loving genes. Sometimes I fear that my kids are having a little lettuce or spinach on their dressing instead of the other way around. For all of us, I decided to try to Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing. This 7 oz. new product from Wish-Bone claims to dress more salads than a 16 oz. bottle of regular dressing. The bottle is literally a spritzer bottle and calls for 10 sprays per serving on a cup of salad. **Nutrition facts for Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing:**Calories 15Total fat 1 gramSat. Fat 0Trans Fat 0Sodium 70 mg (3%DV)Carbs <1Sugars <1There are no proteins, Vit. A or C, calcium or iron in Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing.How does Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing compare to my favorite Hidden Valley Ranch dressing in nutrition facts?**Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Dressing has for a 2 tbsp serving:**Calories 140Total fat 14 gramsSat. fat 2.5 gramsTrans Fat 0Sodium 260 mg (11%DV)Carbs 2 gramsSugars 1 gramsHidden Valley Ranch Original Dressing has also has no Vit. A, calcium or iron but does have a mere 2% of the DV of Vit. C.**But how does the taste of Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing compare?**I will say that Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing does taste like Ranch. It does not have the eye appeal or texture please that other Ranch dressings offer. I made the 10 spritzes on my four year olds salad without mentioning it and he happily ate it without comment. The dressing savvy nine year old said, "It looks watery." She was right. After she added a few extra spritzes to enhance that white color (boy aren't we driven by sight?) she admitted that it did taste like Ranch dressing and gave it a thumbs up.***My Viewpoint:***Clearly there are other options for tasty and healthy accompaniments for your fresh vegetables and salads. However, if you are a Ranch dressing addict and want to eliminate some fat and calories from your salad dressing, Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing can be a good option to wean yourself from your favorite fat laden dressing. It's not as appealing to the eyes or as creamy to the tongue but I will say that it does taste like Ranch dressing. Sure, "the eyes have it" but I don't want to see my salad dressing end up on my hips so I'll keep using Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing until I can convince all of my senses that I love a salad dressing that is not white and isn't full of been there done that fat and calories..

Big Island, VA


Wishbone Salad Spritzers Ranch Vinaigrette Dressing

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