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Salad Dressing
Annie's Naturals
Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing

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I just love Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing. It is smooth, creamy, and delicious. Unfortunately, if you are watching calories, this is not the dressing for you. Two tablespoons equals 120 calories, with, 12 grams of fat! Yikes. If you can spare a few extra calories, you should definitely give this dressing a try on just about any salad.



Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing is so-so


I expected something a lot more wonderous from Annie's... aside from the fact that it's organic and the ingredients aren't just pure junk and chemicals (hence, it makes you feel better about slathering it on and under and over everything), it just wasn't anything that special. I would recommend it if it's on sale, but otherwise, it's nothing to rant and rave about.

Rochester, MI


All natural with lots of Godess Diva flavor


I love the flavor of Annie's Naturals Organic Godess Dressing. You only neeed a small amount because it has a powerful mustard, olive oil, and garden greens flavor. I like to dip chicken tenders, french fries and add it to my salads. It's great pared with steak or chicken especially as a topping for the latter. It might be good with sushi but I I wouldn't use it on seafood or delicate meats because it would overpower them. It has no added sweeetner, preservatives or other chemical additives. Some organic items are hard to come by but this dressing is fairly easy to find in grocery stores with all natural/ organic sections. The ingredients read easy, nothing you need a degree in chemistry to figure out (as it should be.) Expeller, pressed canola oil, water, tahini, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), lemon juice, sea salt, garlic, sesame seeds, parsley, chives, xanthan gum (a natural binder.) Two tablespoons has only 130 calories and as I said a little goes a long way. The fat count is a bit high at 13grams (20%) but only one gram is saturated because it's made from canola oil. if you budjet your fat count for the rest of the day it is a healthy dressing. Sodium is 320 mg. (13%), total carbs are 1g.,  sugars less than one gream and one gram of protien, 25 iron. I always keep a bottle handy and I would reccomend it to anyone, especially if they are starting on the path to an organic lifestyle.

Myrtle Beach, SC


Creamy Goodness for Salads


I am a vegetarian, so I eat a lot of salads and am always looking for a great new dressing.  When I saw **Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing** on the store shelf, I had to try it.  It is a great blend of vinegar and soy sauce, with spices and tahini.  This dressing is really creamy and has a tart and sweet taste for a unique dressing.  I like using this on fresh greens, but it is also a great dip for vegetables.  Each serving is a little high in calories and fat, but it can be used sparingly since it has a lot of flavor.  Each serving is about 130 and will be a treat for your salad.  I love that it is made with organic high quality ingredients, and Annie's is a great brand.

Las Vegas, NV


This Goddess Dressing tastes like it was made by a goddess.


Over the past 8 months or so, I've spent a lot of time and money transitioning our diet from "whatever's on sale at the grocery store" to organic and natural foods.  We eat salad fairly often but weren't really crazy about any particular salad dressing.  When my sister suggested trying *Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing*, I figured that it was worth a shot.  In fact, I trusted her recommendation enough to buy two bottles of it at once. This *Goddess Dressing* contains the following organic ingredients: canola oil, water, tahini, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, sea salt, garlic, sesame seeds, parsley, chives, and xanthan gum.  The flavor is very unusual when compared to your typical ranch or Italian salad dressings.  It has a bit of a tart flavor thanks to the vinegar, soy sauce, and lemon juice.  The tahini adds flavorful richness while the parsley and chives add a nice little herbal blast.  Usually eating salad is a chore for me, but I will happily eat a huge bowl of it as a meal when I'm using *Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing* on it. Do not be fooled into thinking that this organic salad dressing is super-healthy for you and something that you can use liberally on food without thinking about it.  A two tablespoon serving contains 130 calories, a whopping 13 grams of fat, and 390 milligrams of sodium.  Although it contains organic ingredients, you still need to use common sense and not dump it into your bowl. I adore *Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing*.  I've ony used it on salad in the past few months, but I think it would probably be amazing as a marinade for beef, chicken, or fish.  I've seen a friend use it instead of mayonnaise on sandwiches and I can definitely see myself doing that in the future.  This is a very unique dressing and I plan to continue buying it for as long as it is available.  It is THAT GOOD! Highly recommended!

New Jersey, NJ


Annie's Naturals Organic Goddess Dressing

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