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Whirlpool Laundry 1-2-3 15.5 inch Laundry Pedestal WHP1500S

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Honey, the washer and dryer are getting so grown up!


I purchased two Whirlpool WHP1500SQ (white) pedestals for my existing Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. When the washer and dryer were originally purchased, shorter pedestals were available, but didn't seem very useful due to the shallow depth of the drawers. These pedestals are 15" high and have a deeper drawer. The drawer has a moveable divider in it and roll in and out on nice ball bearing rails. They are also removeable to aid with pedestal installation and easy cleaning access. In addition, the design of the drawer front is curvy to match the curvy design of the Duet washer and dryer. They really do look nice once installed and offer a seemless look. I would recommend these pedestals as a way to raise the washer and dryer up and add useful storage underneath. The added height makes access to inside the washer and dryer much easier and eliminates a lot of the bending up and down required while doing laundery. In addition, the height permits larger laundry baskets to fit under the washer/dryer door. Once installed, the pedestals make the washer and dryer look even bigger than before and can add a bit of unstability if not leveled properly. Since the units are not longer sitting on the floor some additional vibration can also be sensed, but it is too much worse. I am pleased with these pedestals and definitely recommend them. Don't forget to send in the registration and call to get the free drawer shelf accessory! Installation Tips: Installation will require 2 or more people. These pedestals attach to the washer/dryer with two screws in the front and two in the back. Remove the drawer from the pedestal and adjust the legs so that it sits level. Remove the legs from the dryer by having once person tilt it to once side and another person can then screw out the legs. Repeat to remove the legs from the other side. Then the dryer can be lifted straight up and set on top of the pedestal (or lifted straight up and the pedestal slide underneath). Once on top, install the screws in the front and back and chek to make sure the unit is level once in place. Put the drawer back in. The washer is more difficult as the pedestal with have to be installed as the directions state by laying the washer on its back, removing the legs from the washer, install the pedestal, and then stand the whole unit back up because the washer weights 375+ pounds! Maybe if 3 or 4 people lifted the washer straight up then the pedestal could be slid underneath (don't forget to take off the washer legs though). WARNING: BE SURE TO INSTALL THE SHIPPING STABILIZATION BOLTS FOR THE WASHING DRUM BEFORE TIPPING THE WASHER IN ANY DIRECTION OTHERWISE THE WASHER CAN BE SEVERLY DAMAGED. If you don't have the shipping bolts anymore, can the number to get some of have a Whirlpool pro install the pedestal on the washer.


Harrison, OH


Whirlpool Laundry 1-2-3 15.5 inch Laundry Pedestal WHP1500S

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