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InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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Not made to last


I have had an insinkerator for 30 years and have been changing models as they put them out because they break or get corroded. Presently I have the InSinkErator F-HC1100SN. It seems their guarantee is for 5 years but if you have a part replaced, it is only for a year and that part pretty much goes out in just over a year. It is wonderful to have the hot water available for coffee, tea, soups, cleaning spoons, etc but the price of the unit has just skyrocketed in the last few years. Maybe made overseas like everything? The cost of the filters is really too high to be worth it. I would prefer not to filter the hot water because a plumber told me there is always bacteria in the hot water. Just give me hot water in a faucet that will last!

Dallas, TX


Instant Hot Water - Instant Gratification


We used a tea kettle on a daily basis for boiling water - my husband actually perfers instant coffee! And, of course there were all the other reasons to boil water. So the kettle stood on the stove needing regular clearning outside for all the cooking spatters and grease and inside to clean out the hard water grime. In our recent remodeling process, the plumbing store featured the InSinkErator and we decided to purchase it since we could get a special order in our dark finish to match the facuet. Yes, it was expensive but we are thrilled with this purchase. Hubby uses it for his coffee; I use it for tea, for quickly filling baking pans and pots with stuck-on foods, for instant oatmeal, the grands use it for cocoa... Only warning is that some people may think it's a soap dispenser so I keep one of those right next to the sink. And now that kettle is relagated to a cabinet and rarely used.

New City, NY


A MUST HAVE for any kitchen


Since remodeling my kitchen, I have come to the conclusion that every kitchen update should include two relatively new conveniences/or innovations:  1) the pot-filler faucet (a faucet mounted behind your stove for filling big pots with water) and 2) a hot water dispenser like the Instahot from Insinkerator. Now that I have it, I can't think of how I ever got along with out it.  It is relatively simple machine, where there is a spout that is connected to a small hot water heater under the sink.  They are really easy to install and provide a big convenience to the kitchen. The obvious benefits of a hot water dispenser is the you can make a single cup of tea, coffee, instant soup or hot chocolate efficiently saving both time and energy that it takes to heat up a kettle on the stove, or in the microwave which uses quite a bit of energy. But...it can be used for so much more...I use it in place of anytime when hot water is needed like melting chocolate for baking, rehydrating dried tomotoes or wild mushrooms, making geletin. It also the best thing when you need to clean something that is stuck on.  I just use a little hot water for the dispenser, and gooey, sticky stuff just melt away.  It makes cleaning up so much easier. It's the simplest things that are always the greatest inventions. 

El Sobrante, CA


Handy Kitchen Necessity


I use Instant hot water for a lot of things:  tea, coffee, jell-o, cocoa, etc.  Saves a lot of time when boiling water, having starting with already hot, steaming water  We installed it ourselves and is so handy right near the faucets.  Average priced and well worth it.  Looks impressive to have extra do-dads on the sink, and makes me feel like an expert cook and kitchen connoisseur.  It is designed with a very up to date stainless body and a black turn knob.  The turn knob is large enough to actually get your grip around it so turning it 'on' is not a difficult chore but at the same time, is probably more 'child-proof' that those little levers that are on some other models.  The flow of water is very good and because it is hooked up to the water line directly, you never have to wait for hot water nor is there a large 'bullet-shapped' tank that takes up a lot of space under the kitchen sink that could be used for useful items.

San Antonio, TX


InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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