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Weed Eater
Weed Eater riding mower 115 automatic

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Not Such A Great Value


My riding mower blew the engine last year and I just decided to buy a new mower instead of trying to fix it. I thought that I was getting a great deal by purchasing the less expensive Weed Eater riding mower 115 automatic. After I used it the first time, I quickly found it to be very weak and that it ran rather rough. The steering on the mower is very hard and difficult to maneuver around flower beds and trees. The Weed Eater riding mower seems to roll across flat land with no problems but does not pull hilly areas as well. The cut with this mower is not that great. There has been numerous times that I have had to go back over areas to get it even with the rest of my yard. The performance of this mower has been less than acceptable for myself. After using the mower for only three months, I decided to sell it and buy a different brand all together. I will definitely not be recommending this or any other Weed Eater brand mower to anyone else. It has been a total waste of money in my opinion.



Weed Eater riding mower 115 automatic

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