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Craftsman 42-inch Riding Lawn Mower

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Craftsman LTS2000 19.5HP Riding Mower-Vrrrrrrm


I purchased a Craftsman LTS2000 19.5HP 42" Riding Lawn Mower about a week ago and decided to wait until I had a chance to mow the lawn before writing this review.  Durn you have to have rain and let the grass grow before getting on that machine.  Well, let me tell you I even had to get on Sears.com and rave about the sales associate that helped me during the purchase negotiations.  His name was Zacharias (and he was even training a young lady while helping me) and he was very helpful in explaining and answering all my questions since I always troddled along behind a push mower before this.  I am sure if that young trainee paid attention she will be a great sales associate too.  Well after a light rainfall and two days of sunshine to get the yard just right with cuttable grass, I ventured onto my new mower, started it up, put it in gear, lowered the blade and just had a ball cutting my yard.  OH, I did have to stop occasionally to empty the bagger (which I purchased at the same time), and take a liberal swallow of the golden liquid I had in the cup holder on fender of the mower.  (That cup holder was very important during the negotiation process).  Ok I know this was only the first use of the mower, but it sure made this old fella happy to be riding instead of walking and thus far everything is working.  If it doesn't in the long run, I will definitely let you all know.

Topeka, KS


The lawn mower starts every time.


I have had five different brands of riding lawn mowers. I was convinced by someone to get a Craftsman lawn mower. It was definitely a wise choice. It mows the lawn very evenly. The tires are wide so it will be safer for me to use on my hills. The lawn mower starts the first time I turn it over. I have had trouble with other lawn mowers starting the first time and this one really does the trick. I really liked the two year warranty that came with the lawn mower. They will come out to my house and fix it under the warranty. It is easy for me to see how much gas is in the tank on the lawn mower. The lawn mower has a great safety feature for backing up. The switch has to be set in a different position and then push the button to use reverse with the blades down. The battery is the same one that was in the lawn mower last year. I like the automatic shifter on the lawnmower. You don't have to stop to change the gears. I am convinced that the Craftsman is the finest lawn mower I have ever had. I purchased the lawn mower in the fall of last year on sale at a great price.

Johnson City, TN


With this Craftsman 42" mower- lawn care has never been easier!


We bought this mower after moving into a house with nearly 4 acres of lawn. That's right- acres. I never looked forward to mowing the lawn growing up- but this mower has definitely changed my mind! My husband and I actually argue over who gets to mow the lawn- something I never thought I would do. I am not very mechanically minded, I have to admit. But Craftsman put a lot of thought into designing this mower to be friendly to the mechanically-minded, like my husband, and the mechanically-challenged, like me. Well placed knobs and levers with large pictoral labels make this mower easy to understand and operate.  The best evidence I can put forth for the powerful engine is the first few spring mow sessions. With all the rain we get, it's sometimes weeks between when we'll be able to mow without getting stuck in the mud. Which doesn't stop the grass from growing-oh no! That would be too easy. So about once or twice a spring, the grass is taller than the mower- nearly three feet tall. Which is very hard to mow. With this mower, however, put it on 6 and go slow, and it'll knock it down handily. This isn't to say it's as pretty as I might like, and I do have to go back after the grass has dried out a bit and mulch it in, but I'm always so pleased with the performance of this mower when it can tackle a job like that.

Belton, MO


Craftsman Riding Mower is very dependable.


I bought my Craftsman Riding lawn mower about three and a half years ago. My husband had died following an illness and I knew I would never be able to keep the grass cut with a push mower. You can almost always get a Craftsman product for twelve months interest free which is also a plus. It has been very dependable and never given me any trouble.

Florence, SC


A true AMERICAN workhorse.


I have been using a CRAFTSMAN riding mower for 14 years now..and it is still cutting grass like a new mower.I have not had ANY problems with this mower..I advise you to get one for yourself,and see why they are the best out there.

Lafayette, AL


i've always enjoyed crafts man over any other brand!!!!


craftsman is the best built mower ,and power tools money can buy i enjoy my 1060's lawn tractor that runs as good today as it did in 1960 the craftsman tools i use have always been reliable to me i would recomend then to any one who needs to have something that they don't have to worrying about breaking during a repair job

Kernersville, NC


craftsman riding mowers are very dependable & durable


Hello i own a craftsman riding lawn mower that is five years old.The lawn mower has a twelve point five hosepower motor which is plenty of power for mowing any hight grass.I have a fairly steep hill in my front yard my craftsman has no trouble mowing it.The mower has a wide forty inch cutting deck on it making for less trips across the yard & less time taken to do the job as aposed to a mower with a smaler cutting deck. The mower has five forward speeds & reverse alowing you to mowe as fast or slow as you choose acording to the hight of the grass & the ground conditions.It is key electric start & has headlights allowing you to run it after dark if you choose to.For safety it has a kill switch on the seat that shuts down the motor if you get up off the seat while the cutting blades are engaged.Ihave owned other riding lawn mowers inhe past that didnt perform or last near as good.Now on the down side i have had to replace the starter on my mower one time in that five years & the craftsman riding lawn mower is a little more expensive than some other riding mowers but the quality more than makes up for the diference in price.

Sitka, KY


Our Craftsman Riding Mower is 2 years old and already broken!


My husband bought a Craftsman riding mower because we thought it would be a good quality to own.  2 years later we are already having problems with it.  HIndsight we should have gone with a Cub Cadet.

Greenbrier, TN


dependable and tough


My Craftsman lawn tractor has been tough and dependable. I change the oil and filter each year (and change the blades when necessary). I have had to buy a new battery, but that has been all the maintenance necessary to date.

Danville, VA


not as happy with craftsmsn riding mower as i was hoping to be


i have had my LT2000 for 2 years now and have had to replace the left side drive-shaft last year this year i had to replace the left side drive-pully.my LT2000 will start and run witk no problems.i love the 17.5 h intek

Emmett, ID


Craftsman 42-inch Riding Lawn Mower

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